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Yomi-O's now with 200% more fireballs (v3 wishlist)

True, but that wouldn’t matter for any update pack. The hypothetical update pack would just have the character card changed.

I don’t think “changes the least amount of cards” really matters at all. These aren’t going to happen anyway, so just make the change recommendations that do what you want to accomplish in terms of either fixing the most difficult match-ups, or adjusting overall balance to compress the tiers further, or whatever.


TBF, character cards are the most trivial thing to change/homebrew even if no official changes are ever made. So it is kind of cool if a character can be “fixed” (big quotation marks here) by just adding defense mastery.

Not with that attitude :stuck_out_tongue:


decrease J speed from 2.4 to 2.6

Nooooooooo! No Sir〜!
V2 character’s speed very fast.
He and I lose 2.0 speed many times ! Ahhhhhh!(°皿°)


V3 will be just add Codex new characters.:triumph:


Ok, so, mana shuffling in magic is allowed in magic, correct?

How about joker shuffling in Yomi? Split the deck 50/50, put a joker in each and shuffle them separately and then stack them back together.

Would that be a good change?

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What you describe would not be allowed in Magic.
You have to shuffle your deck after you mana shuffle, otherwise it is an illegal move. Also, mana shuffling has a bad stigma, because it makes it easier to stack the deck.
I only play Yomi IRL with 2 other people, so I’m not overtly concerned about “joker weaving”, but just figured this is relevant.




I dunno if it was mentioned anywhere, but about Gwen’s 3 speed being buffed, unless it’s a named attack, it’s supposed to be consistent with the card’s number. So if it’s 3.3, all of her normal attacks would be X.3, X being the number of the card itself.

That sounds like a neat change. It’d match Arc sys burst system too since you shouldn’t be allowed to burst near each other.

Some possible options:

  1. Make Long Range set range immediately, instead of the following turn. This way, a range-setting K immediately returns to your hand. Seems like the simplest solution, though it screws with the printed reminder text on cards.

  2. Give BBB another range-capable (but maybe not range-setting) throw, to reduce his king-reliance. (This is my favorite option, because it has the least rules-weight).

  3. Add “Return a face card from your discard pile to your hand” to Overdrive. (In that case, I might remove some additional text from Overdrive, since that card is already a confusing brick of text for new players. Does anyone actually use the J or Q abilities on that card?)

I think making K a normal is kind of absurd, but giving it a hit-draw seems totally reasonable. I might also add an ability draw to Burst of Speed, for good measure.

Those are some solid BBB range ideas.

The use of J on overdrive is probably my most common use of Overdrive. If the opponent doesn’t have a KD attack I find the K/J mix up to be more effective then K/dodge/normal attack get to range at all cost mix up.

The Q effect is more niche and sees the most use vs Rook and Arg.

Fair, fair, shows my relative BBB inexperience. (Which probably means I shouldn’t open my yap about his fixes.)

I was just thinking about Jaina and I was wondering what people would think if Jaina could sacrifice her damage or her life to buy back her combo cards off attacks? That way she wouldn’t necessarily be bringing her own life down when she wins combat and goes in. There’s nothing more unfortunate than seeing Jaina get a juicy J6K+ for 27 damage and then take 3, 6, 9, or 12 damage to buy some or all of it back. Granted, if she could buy it back through her combo damage that might mean her numbers have to be tweaked but I’m not sure. It was just a thing I was ruminating on.

I think Jaina’s whole thing is that she’s supposed to be the risky all in fighter so this probably wouldn’t work for fluff reasons.

I know the main thing that stops me from playing her is she doesn’t have good hand building options a lot of the time.


It’s peoples’ fault for buying back too much anyway.

I think Max Anarchy should go to 50.0 speed. Better than instantly losing the game if you miss IMO, but still makes it a bit more weirdo trickshot. Thing is it’s STILL a really good move, but when you hit with it naked you’re like YOOOOOOOO.

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I’m not a good Jaina player in any capacity but I always feel like it’s a bad idea to buy anything back but then I’m basically ignoring her innate and that seems…incorrect.

I think this change would make his Troq and onimaru mu really bad.

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That seems fine. Zane is a butt.


The other problem with this change is that, unless worded carefully, it would basically mean that Jaina can ignore bluffs. Just played a huge combo into a real joker? That’s ok; just sacrifice the “damage” to get it all back for free.


I hadn’t even thought of that. LOOKS LIKE I’M NOT A GAME DESIGNER. Teehee. Poor Jaina. Maybe one day things will work out for her.

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