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YOC Pre-Tournament [Single Day Tourney] New Date: Feb 3

To warmup and build hype for the Yomi Olympic Carnival, I’m running a single day tourney using its conquest-style ruleset.


  • Pushed back to Saturday February 3rd at 5pm UTC / 11am US Central
  • Single elimination
  • Fast timer
  • In the case of a double KO, replay the matchup
  • If both players want hands on then hands can be turned on.
  • If either player wants chat turned off then chat must be turned off.
  • The winner of each match should post the results in this thread.

Character Selection Rules:
Conquest format - Players must publicly announce a 3-character team when they sign up or any time before the start time of the tournament. When a player wins with a character, they may not play the character again for the current set and must switch. All games are double-blind.

Look for the challonge link in this thread as I will post it here when the tourney begins.


  1. FenixOfTheAshes (:onimaru::menelker::degrey:)
  2. Caralad
  3. ClanNatioy (:persephone::grave::bbb:)

If you’d like, stick around for QM/casuals after and you’ll probably be able to find a sparring partner.

If this doesn’t get at least 6 interested individuals (including myself) in this thread, I will push back the tourney to Saturday Feb 3. If that also fails to get at least 6 people expressing interest in thread the tourney won’t run.


I will play. :lum: :gwen: :degrey:


Due to insufficient signups, tourney is pushed back to Feb 3. @FaceOnMars I’ll still be on tomorrow at 11am US Central, we can play some games if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ll stop by to play a few. Thx

The starting time is a little bad for me (I hate working saturdays). But if I don’t make it to work due to sickness, I’ll be here! (If I can open a computer)

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I will play

:grave: :bbb: :persephone:

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@FaceOnMars are you still interested given that the date of the tourney has changed?

I’m sorry. I have a memorial service to go to that day. Regrets

This didn’t get enough signups to run but I’ll be on tomorrow at the allotted time anyways. I’ll get some casuals going with whoever shows up.