[XCAFS23] Round7 part1: P1 dwarddd monopurple vs P2 zango [Finesse]/Feral/Present

Your base should be at 12 (3 broken tech buildings and two tric pings) and with that I have everything in hand that I need for the win:
Bloom hyperion kills vir (9)
Maxband Cal (7)
Tenderfoot + now! (5)
Hyperion (0)

Cal 4
Max 3
Hyperion 4
Tenderfoot 1
Attack your base for a total of 12 damage - GG!

Amazing how one-sided this game went. I suppose Seer in t3 instead of t4 would have been enough to keep you in the game, but with Fargo and NC not doing real damage, purple P1 gets very fast into a bad position and my tric sealed the deal.
I’m going to open up the next round later today. Looking forward to get myself beaten up :wink: