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[XCAFS18] FrozenStorm [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs witspur [Demon]/Discipline/Finesse

GG WP :slight_smile:

XCAFS Round 3 Player 1, Turn 8

P1 [Necro]/Blood/Fire vs P2 [Demon]/Discipline/Finesse

Starting Hand

Kidnapping (discarded)
Skeleton Javelineer
War Drums

Events of Turn:


  • Get Gold (8)
  • Tech 2 cards in (except turn 1)
All Teched Cards

Lord of Shadows x2
Kidnapping, Nether Drain
War Drums, Kidnapping
Skeletal Lord, Ember Sparks
Bloodlust, Necromancer
Firebat, Skeletal Lord
Bone Collector x2


  • War Drums (6)
  • Skeleton Javelineer, hasted from Drakk (5)
  • Jaina Maxbands and spits hot fire to kill Imp (2)
  • 3 skeletons, Bone Collector, and Necromancer destroy your base, GG WP!!

Your early sacrifice of Vandy and tech of Discord and Fencer was nifty, though I think it would have been better to use Jandra as a blocker or just kill the elite skele and midband Vandy. Jav not being patrolled behind Vandy in a resource slot (or Lookout) would also have been an early game improvement.

Sorry for the early exit, my dude, thanks for joining and lmk anytime you wanna play a casual game!

@zhavier I’m surviving one more round

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Yeah, I used Vandy as bait, hoping to get Garth Maxbanded while you were still at Tech 1. It didn’t work quite as well as I had hoped. Midbanding Vandy was probably the way to go. I believe I considered using Jandra as a blocker but was concerned that you might be holding Sac the Weak. I’ll look things over and try to improve my game. Thank you for the advice and good luck with the rest of your matches!

Concern over Sacrifice the Weak is legitimate, but you also have to weigh your options; Deteriorate was just as big of a problem, and it’s way less costly for me to use.

StW I have to pay 2g + a unit of mine (at least 1g) over the cost of Deteriorate (a card like StW, but 0 gold), so StW works out to a much heftier price. Neither Jandra nor Skeles were a good bet to help Vandy live (and you recognized that well), but Jandra is definitely the better bet in that situation. At least it trades even (and that’s if I have StW, which I didn’t), where skeles I killed for a card and no gold (would not have been able to without Deteriorate, so that’s a 50/50, but then how are you getting River out?) :wink:

I was hyper focused on pulling off the River/Discord move so Vandy had to go. It was nice that the Fencer fell into my hand, but that led me to use too many cards I think, since I then had to use Deteriorate to finish off the BC (which wasn’t in my original plan). It looks like my T4 and your T5 is where the match really swung. With only three options in hand, and none of them very good, I couldn’t muster a defense. You pulled out Drakk and you had Bloodlust ready to go. Also, I should have built a tower sooner.

I think I could have chosen a better codex. I’d been using Necro/Finesse/Blood and rather liked it, but changed it up on a whim.

Cost analysis is certainly a good tool to use in determining the viability of action.

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