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Why do tournaments forbid codex switch in process?

Hello, mates.
We have a big discussion in other chat about tournament format.
One side declares that codex change should be permited as there is no meta in game and balance is good. And others say that exactly for this reason codex must be constant through the tourney.

What do you think?
Also I wonder if somebody had an expirience with free change of codex ad-hoc. How did it go?

How would it work? If we can all freely change, at what point does the codex get revealed, and who reveals first? Or is there an arbiter holding the hidden info to be revealed once both players have submitted their choice for the match? Additionally, this would add a lot of time to any physical tournament.

I believe you can just put 3 heroes face down before match. And flip them simulteniously.

Time is argument to consider, but I think that not too much longer then deck shuffle in other games.

Also as we are at forum held lot of tourneys with only fixed codex I believe both of this moments are non the issue. Both could be solved naturally at online platform.
There is something else, I believe that may link to ccg origins of most players.

I think mostly it’s an experimental thing. The point of the game is to build a thing that is solid against all other things, and then have ways to beat all the meta stuff within your set of options.

So it’s a cool idea to see if, in practice, you can really get away with just using the one Codex loadout only. So far it seems to be fine.


In many ways, Codex is a successor to CCGs such as Magic: The Gathering, which traditionally don’t have deck switching.


Right, they use a sideboard. Our game is a living sideboard, so if you’ve built something strong then you should be alright given how the gameplay and teching works.