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Who's your favourite character and why?

How far he has fallen… We shed a tear for juicer of old.


Perse is my favorite. I’ve always liked playing a good control game. Back in the day I tended to play Magic that way. Nowadays I play Dice Masters and often Codex that way.

I’m also a sucker for an underdog. She’s not really high tier and that appeals to me. If you can take out the better characters with her you know you played really well.


Zane is probably my go-to guy for a good time. I like that he still can threaten decent follow-up damage even when low on cards, and that you can’t fully decide on what you’re comboing into until after combat’s been won. Plus, who doesn’t love any excuse to use the word ‘shenanigans’ over and over? His super should just be called Maximum Shenanigans.


Troq because bara muscle bull. But Rook has a better personality. Hrm. Degrey is filled with moral fibre too.



Ugh, really? Troq and I must have really different tastes. I’d much rather eatvsome homemade omlettes or rice with beef stew over ugly-ass death-by-fat McD…

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Wait… No one eats Spaghetti? :thinking:


It’s more a statement about each fighter’s character. I think Troq is absolutely the kind of person to be swayed by a bunch of children excitedly chanting for fast food.

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I do think that it should be made canon, as suggested recently in Discord, that Troq’s “giant growth potions” are actually just what he calls protein shakes


BBB in the middle of that is literally the best.


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like Grave and Geiger should be switched here. Grave is the guy who’s all “Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins and believe in yourself.”

Also, what does it mean that BBB is smack in the middle?

(Overthinking? Moi?)


Haha, trust me, overthinking this is totally the right call. :smile:

I feel strongly that Grave should be at the midpoint between “we have food at home” and orders a single black coffee to represent the tension between the training he received from Midori and the temptation of Menelker’s “do whatever it takes to win” philosophy.

Geiger strikes me as pretty significantly in the “food at home camp” lore-wise. He is horrified when Quince and Onimaru want to use his work for war, and essentially abandons Flagstone to join Rook because of that. He represents the slightly more uptight/conservative/cautious side of Morningstar, with Valerie as his opposite, and Rook lying between the two.

BBB is in the middle because I think lore-wise they’re still young and malleable: figuring out their place in the world, and maybe asking themselves why they were created at all. Time will ultimately tell whether they gravitate towards any of the three pure poles of the triangle.

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Ah, well, if the McDonalds is a metaphor… :smile:

I took it all pretty literally, so I figured Grave cares about healthy living, Geiger is more likely to be strict and irritable. (Quince, after all, is at the furthest extreme of “McDonalds”, indicating his populism. And Vendetta is a stone-cold assassin but he’s also in the “food at home” camp - I figured because of his discipline and because he doesn’t care to be cruel.)

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Yeah, it’s more a statement about their personalities and outlooks on life, to me. Vendetta, as Vandy’s right-hand assassin kind of falls into the “lawful evil” bucket for me, though I could see an argument for putting him in the coffee group.

But then, if it’s about personality and outlook on life, and Gloria is grouped with Vendetta while Valerie is grouped with Quince rather than vice versa - what are these categories, exactly?

I don’t know, Quince’s populism and Valerie’s “live in the land of do as you please” attitudes both feel well represented by the “MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS! MCDONALDS!” pole. Vendetta’s “lawful evil”/trusted lieutenant role and Gloria’s strict moral code/guilt about failing her sister both seem like good fits for the “we have food at home” pole.

This is great! Please tweet it out too :smiley:

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Way ahead of you. :smiley:

Hey, if you replace McDonalds with something healthier like Super Supplements im on board!

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Tbh ever since Quince was on rotation I liked him. I get to cheat! Spinning cards is just really fun and makes me feel like I’ve got control over the game.