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What is actually happening in this card?

Most cards in codex are more obvious, thematically.

Earthquake is clearly an earthquake caused by rook and it makes sense that undamaged buildings get a scratch and damaged buildings get hurt bad.

However. What are the below doing exactly?

Death Rites
Death and Decay

death rites: every unit that dies becomes a resentful spirit that drags the closest opponent to the underworld in revenge.
DEath and decay: enthropy always wins. Meat rots, blood clogs, life wither. Buildings just get 1,000 yo, hence the dmg.


Rook is a big strong golem that can affect stuff cause he’s strong.
Grave is a martial artist.
Setsuki is a ninja

Garth and Orpal are actually magical.
I wouldn’t mess with them.


So here is the mental image I got.

Death Rites
Garth makes some sort of black magic ceremony that binds the “souls” of his army to make them the resentful spirits at death dragging the closest enemy with them.

Death and Decay
Orpal standing on top of a hill looking down at enemy troops and buildings. He raises his hand performing a spectacular magic curse. An atmosphere of doom is engulfing the enemey territory. It is so strong all the enemy units and heros are barely containing it, most of them already lost to immense pressure and started to rot and melt leaving decayed bones behind. Even buildings couldnt stand the intensity of this magic atomsphere they started to crack and crumble.
Think anime Bleach reiatsu (soul pressue) but more black magic-y and sinister. :imp:


I always imagined death rites as being more voodoo doll like.

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Your heroes appearance become purple voidblockers :sweat_smile:

You can have 3 plague lords in play
Two of Plague Lord, the tech 3 unit
Third is Orpal Gloor · Plague Lord

Vandy summons Franz Kafka that says:
“One idiot is an idiot. 2 idiots are 2 idiots. 10000 idiots are a political party.”

This causes the opposing faction to start arguing who is the more idiot making the heores invisibles beacuse of the internal power struggle.

Shimmer Ray
Which side is it facing towards?
What is the blue cloud?

Blue cloud is the shimmer ray farting to gain forward momentum. Seriously, that is the back end so the opposite side is the front. Kinda looks like a manta ray, thus the name (probably).

Yeah, I think it’s plainly “looking” forward out of the card. The blue cloud is diesel fumes.

Only short footage I found that references the WC2/3 spells.


But the fumes are covering part of the rear. It doesnt look like it is having a lot of forward momentum

I’ve always assumed the Shimmer Ray is emerging from a portal, presumably from the past.


Why wasn’t Shimmer Ray called Yester Ray tho…


As the Beatles said,
"Now I long for Yester Ray

Past was such an easy spec to play
Now I need a Seer to find a way
Oh I believe in Yester Ray"

Or something like that.


That happened a lot with old diesel vehicles. It IS from the Past, after all.


So One Punch Man finally hit Netflix and I binged Season 1. Has anyone else noticed that the pirate shown below is Hammerhead, in both look and theme? He takes workers and tells them they deserve to not work anymore. (Tagging @sharpobject)