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What are the most even match-ups in Yomi?

Prompted by a question asked by @feathers - I figured I’d start a new topic rather than have the discussion in another thread.

So, what do folks think are the most even, non-mirror matches in the game?


The more I think about it, the harder a question I think this is to answer. If I’m playing a tournament match in standard counterpick format, I’m never going to spend much time in these match-ups, unless I win against someone who isn’t interested in counterpicking me. If I lose, I’m immediately going to switch to one of the characters I feel gives me the best possible odds to win the set.

Based on recent experience, I think Grave/Oni is probably very close to even. I don’t have a ton of experience in it though, so take that recommendation with a grain of salt.


“Most even” is such a weird question in the first place, but the thing is even in this enlightened day and age there are still stark differences between people’s impressions of matchup numbers. I’ll give some opinions:

Gwen/Gloria : just a dirty brawl where no one is left unscathed.
Lum/Geiger : everybody just getting as many blocks in as they can
Midori/Jaina : Some interesting Unstable Power stuff going on here
Vendetta/Onimaru : a LOT of stuff going on here
Grave/Troq : Battle of the 45 damage beats
Zane/Valerie : expect a few clashes

There are more, but these are a few imo.


I personally really like Gwen vs Rook, and it feels even to me from both sides. Can’t say if it’s truly 5-5 though…

:onimaru: / :argagarg: seems pretty fair.


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