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Website with players/locations, to help facilitate meet-ups?

I’ve seen these types of things before for other games;

Is there a communal website where a player could put their name (forum name?) and general location/city, so other players could search out players in their area, and message them to try and meet up for a game?

I’d love to play Codex with other people, but it can be tough to find someone local to play with. I could always go down to the FLGS and try to strike up a game/teach people, but that requires social interaction.

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So does playing codex :disappointed:

On our old forums we used to have a “Yomi Player Finder”; we should do something similar here as well!

Indeed; but it’s different than trying to strike up a conversation with a random person. :3

@Leontes, thanks for making that thread! Hopefully more people can respond to it, and help find local players for their games.

I’m unable to find the thread that I think you’re referring to, which would be a Codex player finder, perhaps broken down by geographic region. Is there such a thread, or maybe an area of the forum that I haven’t found yet?

(Coming back a few minutes later, I did notice that the “Collected Codex Resources” thread has a “Local Gaming” section with pointers to a few regions.)

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