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[Tournament Wrap Up] 19XX: Rebel 1


Congratulations to 19XX: Rebel 1 champion @Fivec! Undisputed Setsuki lord, and the proud recipient of two fabulous prizes! First, filthy lucre in the form of something up to $20 on Steam or from some other online retailer. Finally, he also has the honour of choosing the official “word” of the next 19XX event (i.e. 19XX: Something 2).

Shout outs to runner up @JonnyD for making an incredible run, and earning himself the 2nd place spot! While I cannot grant you any fabulous prizes, I want to take a moment to congratulate you on some phenomenal play. You should absolutely be proud of the amount of asses you kicked in this event!

Additional shoutouts to Top 8!

3rd place - @Bob199
4th place - @mastrblastr
5th/6th place - @Fluffiness and @Legion
7th/8th place - IamNobody and @mallorean_thug

Thanks to everyone for participating! I hope everyone enjoyed the experience of this particular format. If you want to give kudos to any of your fellow participants, I encourage you to do so! If you have any comments on the format, or any aspect of the event, please feel free to use this thread to suggest improvements or to discuss what worked for you/what didn’t. I’m planning to make this a regular event.

Some specific areas of feedback that I’m interested in:

  • Most importantly, did you enjoy the format?
  • Did you have any issues or suggestions for improvement regarding how the tournament was run?
  • Anything you would change about the banned character list?
  • Anything you would change about the format (double-elim, first-to-four)?

Finally, some summary stats!

Total games played: 418 (ed: let’s make this 420 next time okay?)

Characters Played in Order of Popularity

Character / Games Played / % of All Games
:setsuki: 141 / 17%
:gloria: 85 / 10%
:argagarg: 81 / 10%
:quince: 71 / 8%
:grave: 62 / 7%
:valerie: 54 / 6%
:menelker: 54 / 6%
:midori: 48 / 6%
:lum: 47 / 6%
:gwen: 45 / 5%
:vendetta: 45 / 5%
:rook: 32 / 4%
:persephone: 25 / 3%
:onimaru: 20 / 2%
:bbb: 16 / 2%
:jaina: 10 / 1%

Characters Played in Order of Win %

Character / Win %

:argagarg: 60%
:lum: 57%
:setsuki: 57%
:bbb: 56%
:gwen: 53%
:vendetta: 49%
:grave: 48%
:gloria: 48%
:valerie: 46%
:menelker: 46%
:onimaru: 45%
:persephone: 44%
:rook: 44%
:quince: 44%
:midori: 38%
:jaina: 30%

Make of that what you will!


hmm, honestly i enjoyed the format, mostly cuz i am honestly sick of seeing everyone playing zane or degrey, that i personally hate the most. I do not mind troq and geiger, since they imho need thinking and crucial wins. Just my 2 cents, those 2 chars really feel braindead, too much payoff on a single combat win (today i did 88 dmg as EX degrey in a single combo WTF!).
Also i am proud of being the only jaina who won!
She now is mine! mine mine mine!
in ur face @JonnyD and migo!


I loved the format. Especially the lack of Zane and Troq. Fuck Zane and Troq.

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Tournament was run very well. Shoutouts to you and also to your very handsome and modest assistants.

I don’t mind the typical 20 character meta, but this is also interesting, and I think instructive. Formats like this are interesting to me less for avoiding characters I don’t like (I honestly enjoy every character in the game) and more for seeing less explored aspects of the game. I don’t care that everyone plays Zane, but it’s nice to see more people exploring the lesser-played characters and seeing how they work out in practice.

Onimaru’s bringing the next one home.


There are two kinds of Oni players. Those who prefer Oni vs DeGrey, and those who prefer Oni vs Arg. And each thinks the other is dangerously unhinged.


You made a silly typo


starts doing intimidating snaps and dance moves like in West Side Story


Lacking a more appropriate place to put this, I’ll go ahead and use this thread for it.

mysticjuicer vs Fusxfaranto


It there plans to run another one of these? I hate Zane with a passion (and playing in Topanda really isn’t helping that hate) and would really like to be apart of the next tournament. But these weekly tournaments seem to be losing a bit of steam (might have had something to do with the website switch?).

I’d be down for either a weekly tournament in this format or single day tournaments using these rules as well.


I’ll definitely be running more of these tournaments! I’m going to hold off until (possibly) IYL is either confirmed not to be running in the new year, or (if it is) I’ll run it once IYL wraps up.


I’ve been feeling a bit starved for more of your vids. Thanks for posting!