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[Tournament] NFTT round 1, prize, 26th of february

Don’t need your challonge info :slight_smile:

But if your name is different than what it is here on the forums vs what it is in the Yomi app, you have to let me know in the game interface.

Traditional procedure for this kind of thing is just to log into the game and announce your intent to play in the in-game chatroom!

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I’m pulling out. Wish i could have made it but a lot of old friends are in town!

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It is what it is! There will be more of these coming up! :wink:

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Can’t make it this time.

KenkakuKnight’s tourney report (for @mysticjuicer)

1st Match
Midori vs Argagarg: Midori won
Midori vs Troq: Midori won

2nd Match
Midori vs Grave: Grave won 0-2

3rd Match
Midori vs BBB: BBB won 1-2


Shax vs @Attilian
All :valerie: vs :zane:

Shax loses 2-1.

First game was kinda funny since I drew all 7s by turn 2 and had nothing to do with them. Overall it was a match of tense decisions, I had a good second game and the third was a bunch of stunted potential on my part. If I had the guts to throw it would have been a close game since I had soooooooo much damage in hand.

Respect and GG!


Shax vs @KenkakuKnight shax wins 2-1!
All :chibibbb: vs :chibimidori:
I’m a filthy counter picker and I still had trouble! Fairly close games overall!

Respect and GG!


My dragon thirsts for robot scum!


Tourney Report:

1st Match vs KenkakuKnight
Argagarg vs Midori: Midori won
Troq vs Midori: Midori won

2nd Match vs Attillian
Argagarg vs Zane: Zane won
Geiger vs Zane: Zane won


me vs attilian, i win 2-0
first mene beats grave then zane.

me vs fivec. I lose 1-2
all midori(me) vs sets (5c)


My games:

vs FourLiberties

:setsuki: :psfist: :pschip: :argagarg:
:setsuki: :psfist: :pschip: :grave:

I can’t even remember fast timer has turned my mind into mush. Pretty sure this is standard Setsuki nonsense.

[details=vs Fivec]

:setsuki: :pschip: :psfist: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :psfist: :pschip: :setsuki:
:setsuki: :pschip: :psfist: :setsuki:

Always fun to play the mirror against a really accomplished player. T1 Q clashes and many many 7/8 throw techs.

[details=vs Southpaw Hare]

:setsuki: :psfist: :pschip: :midori: x2

Disgusting. Game 1 was perfect apart from QJ+ spun through my dodge, after I countered the first 10. Nobody expects to be thrown the first three turns in a row, right? And then in game 2 undercutting the T1 6 duff with a Q? The worst part was topdecking A+ right at the end after being stuck on Ace/Joker for ages, just throwing into nothing as I kept drawing them.

[details=vs Attilian]

:setsuki: :pschip: :psfist: :zane: x2

I think the only combat I won was when I had to burn my entire hand to counter K on 10 hp for an unpumped Queen. I kept throwing and he kept duffing. I hate Zane.

GGs to all my opponents, @FourLiberties, @Fivec, @SouthpawHare, and @Attilian.


Oh yeah, and thanks a lot to @neigutten for organising and putting up the prize money!


Shax vs NiGHTcapD
Shax wins 2-1!
All :valerie: vs :jaina:
One very good game for both of us. last one was me leveraging fast speeds as much as I could.

Respect and GG!


Kraetyz vs NiGHTcapD
Vendetta vs Geiger 0-1
Geiger vs Geiger 1-1
Geiger vs Valerie 2-1

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me vs shax, i win 2-1
all grave mirror with an epic tpos DKO


Sadly, Fivec had to leave before the tournament is over. I think I might be stricter about stuff like that in future events, but that is how it ended this time. They will play their last match one time soon, hopefully either tomorrow or the day after?

Other than that, the event went on for a little longer than the last time I hosted a fast timer tournament. Some learning was done.

Thanks everyone for participating! :smiley:


Missing the following results, if anyone has details.

  • MR vs Attilian
  • MR vs Legion
  • Fivec vs MR

For future tourneys, if there are as many partecipants, i suggest single elimination, otherwise it takes too long.

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here the results

MR Vs Attilian: 2–0 (Grave vs Zane 1-0; 2-0)

MR Vs Legion: 2-1 (Grave vs DeGrey 1-0; 1-1; 2-1)

Fivec vs MR: 2-1 (Setsuki vs Grave 1-0; 1-1; 2-1)