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[Tournament] NFTT round 1, prize, 26th of february

Just over a week until we see who has the quickest reflexes! Putting execution back into Yomi with the fast timer tournament!


I’m probably in again. My plans got canceled!


sorry but i’m not sorry i am happy to have u back!


Best news this week!

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Did you just assume the importance of his plans?!

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I’m just saying, best news for me. Not necessarily for the mystic juice


Two days left! In all these 19xx days, have people forgotten about Zane/Troq/DeGrey/Geiger?!

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tourney is today!
Nei, do you mind giving me the prize in advance or must I really stomp everyone? :^)

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So, this is my first tourney. How will we be receiving our matchups and reporting results? In this thread here, or in some dedicated thread/chat room?

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the results have to be reported here and to the TO via chat.
Usually the match ups are posted in the same thread of the tourney, with a challonge link

Due to the fact that this is a real-time tournament, I won’t be checking in with the forum in any way. There will be a challonge bracket link available that will list what matches needs to be played, participants need to be aware and schedule their upcoming match with their opponent (just talk to them and one of you Creates a room). I will be supervising the rooms and trying to keep check that everyone plays against those they are supposed to play against. Whenever the first round is over, participants should check the bracket to see who they are up against for their next round.

Talking through the chat in the steam app is sufficient, I don’t want to check up several places to get the results.

A link for the bracket, so that it is easy to find is here:

Also posted in the OP.

I will remind people that it is still good to post your results here for the purpose of the juice man’s chart.


Alright, I should be able to play if there is still time to Challonge me in :>

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of course ^^ challonge is open for about 30-40 minutes more ^^

I just checked the brackets on challonge. Do we need to sign up for an account on it to get into the bracket?

What about @mysticjuicer @wowarlok @leontes et al?

no need to sign up, best thing to do is to just log onto the app and let me know ^^ (I’ll put you in now tho)

Sounds good. I would like to be added also. Let me know if you need my challonge info.

u need a challong account to either be the TO or submit a prediction, not for partecipating :wink: