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[Tournament Format] Random decks, model's choice

OK, here are some examples for dwarddd’s Option 2.1, following on from the examples I gave for Option 2.

Pick bad P1, then match fairly to P2:

P1 P2
[Feral]/Future/Past [Present]/Feral/Strength
[Future]/Law/Truth [Discipline]/Balance/Bashing
[Feral]/Law/Ninjitsu [Past/Present]/Balance
[Balance/Feral]/Peace PPA
[Future/Present]/Disease [Blood]/Disease/Present
[Future]/Fire/Truth [Strength]/Bashing/Necromancy
[Past]/Fire/Truth [Blood]/Bashing/Necromancy
[Future/Present]/Truth [Strength]/Necromancy/Past
[Peace]/Feral/Future [Finesse]/Anarchy/Disease
[Past]/Disease/Truth [Law]/Anarchy/Fire

Pick bad P2, then match fairly to P1:

P1 P2
[Present]/Feral/Fire [Law]/Ninjitsu/Present
[Peace]/Disease/Finesse [Discipline]/Law/Present
[Peace]/Demonology/Future [Feral]/Finesse/Past
[Balance/Growth]/Bashing [Fire]/Discipline/Present
[Feral]/Law/Truth [Discipline]/Demonology/Present
[Fire]/Necromancy/Strength [Discipline]/Growth/Present
[Past]/Growth/Peace [Discipline]/Necromancy/Past
[Truth]/Fire/Strength [Discipline]/Future/Present
[Anarchy]/Bashing/Necromancy [Strength]/Bashing/Disease
[Present]/Balance/Necromancy [Peace]/Discipline/Fire

The likes of PPA turning up as suggested opponents makes me a little uneasy here, although I haven’t given much thought to how that matchup would work out.

Thoughts on the given example lists?

Let’s just go with Option 3 IMO, and lmk if you need help creating the sign-up thread for XCAPS21


Sounds good. Should we cross-post things on the voting thread first?