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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asyncronous sPring Swiss 2019 (XCAPS19) - Draft Tourney!

Another interesting wrinkle of this particular draft format is that the players know if they are Player 1 or Player 2 when making their picks - I predict an above average amount of Player 2 Strength drafting, and no Player 2 White Starter drafting (plus other similar deviations)


Count me in! Hoping the draft helps with my matchup data woes.

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Alright yeah, let me in. I’m gonna be slow for the first week two weeks while I’m still in murica (back home on the 2nd)


Might have to do some real thinking about the possibility of particular starters with any three specs allowed.

I don’t feel I have the breadth to be very good at / enjoy drafting each round, so I’m going to sit this one out in spectator mode

* gets popcorn *

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For a first pass at unrestricted starters, check out the ratings Card Ratings: the Starter Decks, but consider spell costs increased by 1 (and therefore down ~1.5 letter grades).

Neutral stays the same, since it doesn’t suffer the spell penalty
Purple is the same, since it’s spells aren’t useful without other Purple spec support
Red, Green, White, and Blue take a hit, as their spells aren’t really worth it at +1 gold cost, and their spells are kind of important to the starter deck power level
Black comes out OK - Deteriorate at 1g and Sac the Weak at 3g are still just fine.


Neutral is undoubtedly the best starter in this format, and I expect it to be picked first every round

I don’t know about that, you could still have the traditional strong picks in Red starter + Growth, Purple + Peace, or just Black + Vandy.

Edit: also, if you pick Neutral + whatever (say Strength), your opponent can immediately block you off Finesse by choosing it, so we might actually see some Bashing codices?

Edit 2: forgot you don’t actually need a spec to match your starter :sweat_smile: I don’t expect a lot of Bashing then…

@Frozenstorm Count me in as well, please.

I’m in! Thanks for organizing the tourny! @FrozenStorm

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2nd player takes Neutral+Finesse, then Bashing+whatever the 3rd spec is of opponents color = 1st player forced to have a Multicolor penalty.

I suspect most players will end up with multicolor, unless the other player doesnt want to counter draft. Multicolor penalty will apply if the starter doesnt match the 3 specs, presumably.

I assumed so at first, but the more I think about it, the more I’m leaning towards the idea that the multicolor building penalty should only care about hero colors per rules as written, surprisingly. It might make drafting strategy more interesting, and if somebody can actually outperform a starter deck that’s compatible with all 3 their heroes using one that isn’t compatible with any of them, I kind of want to see it.

I plan to compete either way, so sign me up please.

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@Nekoatl What is the difference between these two scenarios again? Has to do with what counts as multicolor?

So, for example, if somebody went with Purple starter and 3 Blue heroes, any starter spells they cast will incur a multicolor penalty, regardless of which of their heroes are in play. The question is, should their first tech building or add-on cost $1 extra, or not? The rules say the penalty is incurred if there is more than 1 color among a player’s heroes, but that was written with the assumption that a player couldn’t have 3 heroes of 1 color and a starter deck of another. Since we’re allowing players to do that, we have to decide how to handle this edge case that arises as a result.

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I see, now I understand. Didn’t think about that part.

The penalty should not apply, as it is a cost of getting multiple colors worth of Spells/Tech 1.

The off-color spell penalty is for the starter deck.

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In !

Clearly, P2 picking Neutral + Finesse looks pretty strong and versatile. Yet I’m sure there are other options, and anyway P1 can just pick some strong multicolor synergies as mentioned above, so I don’t think it is an issue ? We shall see :slight_smile:

@Nekoatl you’re right, and this should lead to very interesting, otherwise illegal decks !

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SO just to confirm, are you saying that I can have a starter with does not match colour wise with any of my other specs? e.g [Green Starter] Blood/Fire/Anarchy?

Correct, and I think we’re forming a quorum that if your three heroes match color, regardless of if the starter matches, you avoid the first building tax.

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Sign me up please!

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