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[Tournament] eXperimental Codex Asynchronous Fall ~~Swiss~~ Round Robin (XCAFS19)

@FrozenStorm, sorry this is late. forgot to Watch the thread.



Okay everyone, we’ve got 17 people signed up and I have decks submitted for everyone.

I think I will do a group of 8 and a group of 9, with the 9 group missing one matchup.

That means everyone is in for 7 rounds! There will be some “lame duck” games towards the end, but we will track seeding so please play out the tournament to your best (or speak loudly in unison that you’d rather do two swiss groups and cut after 4 or whatever. This is a weird format and is mostly for fun after all).

I will do my best to ensure no one gets their deck assigned to their game, but I am bound to make mistakes so please just kindly point it out when I inevitably do so and I’ll fix it.

GL HF everyone! I’ll post round 1 matchups shortly.




[Balance] / Disease / Growth

Matchups (Players):

Matchups (Decks, tbd if there are conflicts):


Not a single repeat deck, wild.


I think I have a conflict in Round 7? Decks has more rounds, so I’m not sure I’m reading the match list correctly.

I dont think they are assigned to a particular match, those links just show who is matched with who, and what decks are matched, but not which people match corresponds to which deck match. So no conflict yet.

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And 15 million Disease specs.


Okay, we have two groups for the players and the decks. Player Group A is 9 players, Group B is 8.

To make it so that I can post matchups in a timely fashion, Player Group A will work with Group B’s decks, and Group B with Group A’s decks

That means one deck and one Player for Group A will have a bye in each of the 7 rounds, so we won’t have entirely even matching. If anyone can think of a better way to do this lmk, otherwise please just roll with it took me forever lol

XCAFRR19 Round 1

Group A:

  1. [XCAFRR19 Round1] NekoAtl [Discipline]/Necromancy/Law vs Nopethebard [Discipline]/Strength/Finesse
  2. [XCAFRR19 Round1] James [Fire]/Truth/Disease vs EricF [Strength]/Feral/Growth
  3. [XCAFRR19 Round1] Bomber678 [Demonology/Disease/Necromancy] vs charnel_mouse [Balance]/Disease/Growth
  4. [XCAFRR19 Round1] Taz [Necromancy]/Blood/Present vs bolyarich [Feral]/Growth/Disease

Player On Bye: Persephone

Group B:

  1. [XCAFRR19 Round1] dwarddd [Demonology]/Growth/Strength vs OffKilter [Fire]/Present/Growth
  2. [XCAFRR19 Round1] UrbanVelvet [Anarchy]/Past/Strength vs CarpeGuitarrem [Demonology/Necromancy]/Finesse
  3. [XCAFRR19 Round1] zhavier [Past/Present/Future] vs Leaky [Discipline]/Disease/Law
  4. [XCAFRR19 Round1] FrozenStorm [Discipline]/Peace/Past vs codexnewb [Future]/Peace/Anarchy

Deck On Bye: [Peace]/Discipline/Disease


Does the person listed first start the game off?

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Yes 10 chars

Sorry for the new players here! I didn’t post the “general tourney rules” at the top this time, I will do so.

Yes, the person listed as P1 traditionally starts the thread, and does so w/ an exact copy paste of the link text in the round post

So like for my match, I will make the thread title

[XCAFRR19 Round1] FrozenStorm [Past/Present/Future] vs codexnewb [Discipline]/Disease/Law

Would it make sense for people to post little “how to drive my car” explanations somewhere?


I was thinking something similar. Either an explanation of the intended playstyle, or a mini discussion thread for thoughts after driving if you don’t want pre-play spoilers.

I am totally up for anyone who wishes to do either. Some concern was expressed that win trading could be an issue if decks weren’t kept secret, but I think I solved that by grouping decks mutually exclusive from players. Plus most did not submit their decks secretly :wink:

I think it would be especially helpful to our newer players, and I think this is the most new tourney players we’ve had in the past several tourneys!


Wildfire was designed to use Red starter for early aggression and transition into one of three main plans:

  1. Build Present, bully the opponent with Hyperions and Tricycloids, and TD Bamstamper Lizzo and/or Molting Firebird for further pressure/ game closing
  2. Build fire and use Arg with Argonaut and Growth tech 1s to cover burn deck spells/tech 2s
  3. set up up defensive board, tech 2 Growth for MoLaC, then tech Lab Present to have Hyperions rush its activation

You know, there haven’t been many guide/strategy threads recently. Maybe I should go off and make a thread for my normal tournament deck when I have the time.


(BTW, this tournament has got me thinking about Reverse Driver, not Car and the fascinating incentives that it poses, along with the curious deckbuilding puzzle contained within it. I’m hoping that tournament shows up soon.)


I’m game for it in the spring


I’ve all but solved RDnC already. [Future]/Bashing/Balance. Best thing you can do with that Codex is buff your subpar vanilla beatsticks with Midori midband.

By the way, FrozenStorm and other veterans are probably already aware of this, but [Discipline]/Peace/Past is an absolutely shameless True Power of Storms Codex. However, it still has enough flexibility and adaptability that you have answers if your opponents have questions. Past in particular offers a lot to round out the famous Discipline/Peace combo, outside of Tech II. All three Tech IIs are viable, too:

  1. By default, you’re going to want to build Peace. Darn-near everything in the spec costs 3, and Flagstone Garrison and Drill Sergeant already speak for themselves. Even if you can’t get Grave to stay alive, Flagstone Spy can keep you informed on your opponent’s plans, and Patriot Gryphon makes for an excellent fall-back game-closer.
  2. There’s one main reason you’d be building Discipline, and that’s Training Grounds. Instant maxbands for free are a sweet deal in a deck like this, and while you’d usually be teching in your True Power of Storms or The Art of War at this point (or maybe Rewind, if something went horribly awry), Focus Master and Young Lightning Dragon are not bad cards, either.
  3. If your opponent is investing overly heavily in expensive bombs, punish them by building Past and dropping Slow-Time Generator on them. Your win-condition costs 3; theirs now costs several turns. Admittedly you’re probably going to want to Tech Lab into this or Discipline, unless you really need that Tower (which, valid).

There are incredibly few non-3-cost cards you would want to tech in this Codex (including the aforementioned Patriot Gryphon, Training Grounds, Rewind, and Slow-Time Generator), but one you want to tech in straight away as soon as possible is Martial Mastery. It might not look like much, particularly to those of you accustomed to MtG–discard two cards to draw two cards? It’s just a loot with an upside!–but always knowing what your opponent is up to, rapidly cycling through your deck so you can respond in kind, and eventually setting up your combo for the win are all extremely indispensable traits to have. It’s deck-thinning on drugs, essentially. Likewise, by the time you get around to recruiting Onimaru, Boot Camp is also a good, flexible card to have around for similar reasons. Seer is good at disrupting the Purple starter’s early Plasmodium attempts, among other things, and finally, Versatile Style is literally “answers, the card.”

But yeah, apart from all those other scenarios where you don’t want to be teching in your 3-drops: tech in your 3-drops. If at all possible, never worker your 3-drops. That is all.

I think Bashing/Balance/Strength would be worse because

  1. it’s a multicolor
  2. It has Bashing
  3. All three specs want to do a lot of similar things, so you end up being rather linear.

It’s mono purple.
Do you really need a guide?
Play Hyperion.