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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous suMmer Swiss (CAMS19)

So not for bribery risk reasons, but just for a general “reward the player on a tear with a ‘easier’ opponent instead of a ‘harder’ rematch”, makes sense from that perspective.

MonoGreen and PseudoBlue in the top 4? What is happening?


Pretty cool to see :sunglasses:

I almost had him last time, so we will see how this rematch goes. :slight_smile:

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Also folks, I am trying to get more careful about doing matchups, but feel free to call out errors in matchmaking if you see them!

I think Round 7 results might have been recorded incorrect in the spreadsheet.

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DOH! I need to stop doing this so early in the morning! You’re right @bansa I gave Persephone the W against Zhav by mistake.

that means there will be a bye, I’ll fix!

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Sorry to be difficult again but shouldn’t zhavier and I go first since we have the same number of losses?

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I don’t know? You’ve all had a bye and played each other, none of you have a bye, pairing you two means one of you goes to 5 games on P2 with only 3 on P1, this pairing has the possibility of an elimination…

I’m open to input from @zhavier and @EricF but the “how pairings work” algo doesn’t make this situation unambiguously clear to me

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If the number of players is odd, a bye (which counts as a win) will be assigned to the player who:

  1. Has had the fewest byes in the tournament (normally zero)
  2. Has played against all other players, or so many of the other players that a bye is needed to avoid a re-match elsewhere in the tournament (probably won’t happen)
  3. Has the most losses

This gives EricF the bye.


You know… I should have just kept my mouth shut cause I didn’t mind the bye at all :wink:

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OKAY I apologize for prematurely posting with incorrect participants (again!!!), here comes the ACTUAL ACTUAL pairing. @EricF has been given the bye (as he has the most losses and all other assignment criteria are equal), and Bansa & Zhav get a flipped runback! GL HF to both of you.

CAMS19 Round8

  1. [CAMS19 Round8] zhavier :medal_sports: [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth vs bansa :knockdown: [Law/Peace]/Finesse

The beat goes on as now only Zhav remains on one loss, here comes round 9! GL HF you two

CAMS19 Round 9

  1. [CAMS19 Round9] EricF [Anarchy/Blood]/Demonology vs zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

And @zhavier is now on double match point! Congrats on third place @EricF, our finals are now set! @bansa must win two straight to emerge victorious and seeing as Zhav has had more games on P1, bansa will lead off this game.

GL HF to both players!

CAMS19 Round 10

  1. [CAMS19 Round10 FINALS] bansa [Law/Peace]/Finesse vs zhavier [Anarchy]/Strength/Growth

Well fought to everyone and thanks for participating. I was especially surprised and pleased to see blue river do so well. Congrats bansa on second place!


Congrats on the victory @zhavier and indeed, surprise of the tourney was how far you took the Blue Fencers @bansa congrats on finals!

I encourage everyone to sign up for XCAFS (our fall tourney) which will likely be starting on or slightly after the fall equinox, Monday September 23rd.

Thanks to all who participated!


At the risk of sounding daft, where do I sign up?

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Sign ups will open in a little bit, right now we’re voting on the format here


Looking forward to it

I’m honestly looking at these and going “wow, I literally voted for everything but Normal, these are cool”.