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[Tournament] Codex Asynchronous Fall Swiss 2016 - Complete!

It’s also one match a week, so you have plenty of time to improve, even if you lose round 1.

But I also recommend doing a casual match pbf style, just to get used to the format.

Thanks guy, once the cards are in my hands I plan to. I have fooled around with the spreadsheet posted here in order to generate hands and turns but am waiting for my set to come in just so I can replicate board states on a table. Will be giving a few pbf games a go this weekend to see how I feel about it. Will be sending in a decklist if it floats my boat.

Let me reemphasize this. My first PbF match this week was a lot more work than I anticipated. I’m using the helper sheet in the other thread for my second game and so far it’s a lot smoother.

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I’ll sign up.

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I’d like to sign up! I can’t send PMs yet though…

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Count me in! This sounds like fun.

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I was going to get in on the next one once I’d had a chance to play with more cards than just the core set. But what the heck! I’m having so much fun with Jasonwocky, let’s do this!!

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Two days left to sign up - @mysticjuicer @CarpeGuitarrem @Random_Phobosis come on in, the water’s fine!

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I m in also. Lets see if I can improve my epic track record and get my first win XD.

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23 players are signed up - if you think you signed up, but your name isn’t on the list in the first post, let me know so I can add you.

If you want to sign up, you still have time (technically, up to a week from now, but it would be better to get them by tomorrow).

First round pairings will be posted in about 18 hours.

Round 1 Pairings:

The player listed first goes first, and is responsible for creating the game thread. Please copy/paste the exact title given, for ease of searching / reviewing. I’ll be replacing the plain text with links to the individual threads, and noting the results as we go.

Good luck to everyone, and have fun!

CAFS 2016: RealPiHalbe (Mono Black) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Barrelfish ([Necro]/Blood/Growth)
CAFS 2016: Mooseknuckles ([Growth]/Necro/Strength) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Marto ([Necro]/Blood/Truth)
CAFS 2016: cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Drakona ([Fire]/Blood/Finesse)
CAFS 2016: Bomber678 ([Feral]/Strength/Truth) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAFS 2016: bravo840 ([Necro]/Blood/Ninjitsu) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: FrozenStorm ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)
CAFS 2016: StrixVaria (Mono Red) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: Swagmaster_Turtle (Mono White)
CAFS 2016: Zejety ([Finesse]/Discipline/Strength) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: lettucemode (Mono Green)
CAFS 2016: Anemone (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: jasonwocky (Mono Purple)
CAFS 2016: Pooh_Bear (Mono Black) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: PointyFinger (Mono Red)
CAFS 2016: Khel ([Feral]/Peace/Blood) :psfist: vs. :knockdown: Castanietzsche (Mono Blue)
CAFS 2016: zhavier (Mono Green) :knockdown: vs. :psfist: CarpeGuitarrem (Mono Red)
Alhazard (deck witheld) gets a first round BYE, or will be paired against a late entrant, if any.


Thanks again for setting this up @EricF!

Uh I changed my deck. Didn’t you see?

Revised it in my spreadsheet - thanks for the reminder.

By my count (and excluding Alhazard’s deck which hasn’t been posted yet, to my knowledge), 11 of the decks are monochomatic–exactly half. The single-colored decks break down as follows

Black - 3
Red - 3

Green - 2

White - 1
Purple - 1
Blue - 1

Including monochromatic decks, the amount of specs being played breaks down as follows

Blood - 8

Necromancy - 7

Anarchy - 6

Demonology - 4
Fire - 4
Feral - 4
Growth - 4
Strength - 4
Peace - 4

Disease - 3
Past - 3
Truth - 3

Finesse - 2
Ninjitsu - 2
Discipline - 2
Balance - 2
Law - 2

Present - 1
Future - 1

Bashing - 0

And by starting deck, once again including mono-colored decks.

Black - 7

Green - 5

Red - 4

Purple - 3

Blue - 1
Neutral - 1
White - 1

I will update to include Alhazard’s deck once it is revealed.

(edited for formatting)


I have everything in a spreadsheet, so if there are any other statistics you would like to see, I can probably generate them faster than whatever your process is.


That’s pretty much all the info I wanted for this tournament at the moment. I’m not a statistician, so I don’t think I would be much use for compiling data any more complicated than this. All I did was count the specs and format it into a post so everybody else could see how it breaks down.

These numbers are off:

Blood has 8
Anarchy has 6
Growth, Strength, and Peace all have 4
Past and Truth have 3

Well that’s a little embarrassing. I’ve corrected my post accordingly.