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Thoughts on Codex character alignments

Yeah, I’m not buying Zane as a Good guy. I could see Chaotic Neutral, in the dedication to anarchy as a political philosophy sense.

As Zhavier has said, there’s no definitive answer , and any attempt to define a person into one of exactly 9 categories is going to be flawed.

Chaotic Neutral = certifiably insane. Creates chaos just for chaos’ sake without caring if it’s for good or ill.

Does that sound like Zane?

Zane is a robber though. This is pretty much “interested in their own welfare and advancement at the expense of others.”

That makes him Chaotic Evil.

I can see the argument for chaotic neutral Zane, but it assumes he is largely unaware of the damage he does to others, or possibly that he seeks to only hurt those who hurt others.

Regardless of anything else, he is definitely firmly chaotic.

Zane would be Chaotic Chaotic, obviously.


I think you’ll find it’s chaotic anarchic.


I vote for Anarchy Anarchy for maximum Anarchy.


Robin Hood stole from people and he was definitely Chaotic Good. I guess it all comes down to his motivations for robbing…