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Strategy for Red vs Green

I would post links to everything in a dedicated thread

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I just figured out how to make a poll, so I’ve added one to the post above. I think I’ll leave it open over the weekend, just to make sure that everyone who cares has a chance to vote (I know some people are in really different time zones from each other).

I voted for separate threads, but I think as long as you have some sort of index post somewhere it’s fine.

I’ve finished the reference sheet for Bashing. It’s late enough where I live that I’m going to wait to do Finesse, but I’d appreciate feedback on what I have so far. It’s looking like a unanimous vote to have a dedicated thread for these, but I’ll keep posting these here until I make that thread in a day or two, then edit the posts to link to that thread (Also, I said I’d leave the poll open over the weekend, but I don’t think that’s really necessary anymore – I’ll close it once I wake up tomorrow).

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Mostly from other feedback, but also my own experience, I would replace Final Smash with Trojan Duck. I don’t see how Troq will ever get to max-band outside of ‘cheating’ options from other decks, or dumping a lot of gold into him.

Against Finess, Final Smash does have a LOT going for it, but I just don’t see Troq ever getting to use it. Maybe double-Duck is Turn 7?

Finally, the formatting is way off on my smartphone, making it difficult to read.

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I have always had better luck with Trojan Duck in 1v1 than Final Smash but I would love to see someone run a PbF game where they pull off Final Smash.

Yeah, now that I think about it, Trojan Duck does seem more likely to work. I was basing that on discussion in another thread where they said Final Smash was better, but I’m not sure how they’d keep him alive to use it. I’ll switch turn 5 for double Ducks later (can’t access my computer for a few hours). That said, I’m now wondering if it would be justified to swap any of the units for another spell, if only to reduce dependence on Tech buildings. Any thoughts?

That’s an issue with the mobile version of Google Docs, so it’s out of my control. If all you care about is the content, that should all be there.

Personally I think that bashing needs a different build order for player one and two. Possibly finesse too.
If I’m bashing I’m building tech 2 as soon as reasonable, and that’s sometimes turn three if I manage scavenger and gold float, so I’m teching rhinos in super early.
Also I think rhinos are more important and you should tech them in immediately, but then, I love rhinos.
It does always work for me though…

I think it’s important to have a good ratio of units/spells in your deck. You want to limit the number of dead draws, so it’s probably a good idea to never have five spells in the deck (at least for 1v1).

Also, the content is great; everyone should be able to get past the format. Can Google Docs handle PDF files, or is everything converted to whatever web file format they’re using?

PDF is a great suggestion. Agree that troq shouldn’t use final smash, and that having separate p1/p2 tech trees is probably a good idea

I’d love to, but I don’t know how I’d make space… Everything barely fits as is. If you can find a way to make it work, I’d be happy to add another.

As a reminder, anyone can make comments or suggest edits on the documents themselves, so if you can think of an improvement, go ahead and try it! It’s one of the reasons I used Google Docs in the first place.

I was specifically thinking of you when I added the one that’s there! :wink:

I’ll admit that I’ve never used Rhinos (everything else has abilities and stuff!), but I can definitely see their raw stats being quite hard for Finesse to deal with. Once I get the new thread up (which will be after I have a rough draft of Finesse ready), I’d welcome discussion about the specifics of all the build orders.

PDF should be fine for viewing, but I don’t think that I can easily edit it once I’ve made it. Basically, I’d use PDF for a finalized version, but at least for now I’d like to keep it editable.

I think Troq should tech in exactly one Boot in the second set of techs, and not worker any of the starter deck spells.

Conversely, River should grab a Discord, Two Step, and Appel Stomp (in that order, one per turn, starting at either the first or second techs), while workering Bloom and Spark.

Interesting… Though again, I’d appreciate if this discussion could be saved for the new thread (I should be ready to make it in 2-3 hours). We’ve kind of gone off topic from “Strategy for Red vs Green,” haven’t we?

The new thread is up! Please make any comments or suggestions about the reference sheets there from now on.

Back to the original point of the thread, after teaching a couple new players yesterday, I have this weird feeling where I can’t tell how either side is supposed to win in Red vs Green! On the one hand, Green has to deal with not having any haste (except Wandering Mimic and technically Moss Ancient) against an opponent that sometimes is all about haste. That’s a lot of pressure! On the other hand, as one game yesterday clearly demonstrated, if Red gives Green an inch, they can quickly grow out of control… I guess that just means I don’t understand either side very well yet. That might be what I’m liking most about Codex at this point: It’s so hard to even know what optimal play looks like, let alone actually figure out what the best move is in specific situations! Still, I’m hoping to figure out more as I play more. I’m probably going to request a play-by-forum game soon, so I can practice this matchup more without time pressure getting in the way as much.