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San Diego Players?

I’ll be at At Ease on Friday, and I have my print & play deck.

I live in San Diego! Also EricF I still have your hat and 8ball.

What time will you guys be at At Ease? I uhh, have no Codex cards with me at all for now :frowning:

I’ll be there after work starting around 4:45 or 5:00.

My copy should be arriving via FedEx sometime today. My plan is to head over to At Ease after work as soon as they deliver. My guess is around 5/6, but the FedEx website says they deliver as late as 8pm. Sounds like there’ll be five of us total.

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Ok, looks like a false alarm. Tracking just updated saying it wouldn’t arrive until tomorrow :frowning:

I’ll be back at At Ease this Thursday.

I should be getting mine tomorrow so if I get my set I might meet up with you there!

Yup! My box is here. Will be prepared to do battle tomorrow night! What time will you be there @EricF

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Around 4 or so.

I’m usually at at ease playing netrunner on Thursdays, but I’ll bring my codex stuff as well tomorrow.

Cool cool, I’ll bring my Deluxe Box. We’ll probably have 3 of those around? Lol

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Anyone available Friday the 30th?

So, I’ll take that as a “no?”

What about Sunday the 9th of October?

I might hahaha…

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If given enough notice and a meet up happens on a Saturday I might be very tempted to head out your way to play some Codex.

I’ll be all the way south of the 8 this Sunday (the 9th) starting at 1:00 or so.

I take it that there is no meetup today?

If you are in SD, I can meet up anywhere that’s convenient.

It is too late in the day to drive down there and back. I might be available in 2 weeks.

I will routinely be at At Ease games on Thursday evenings starting at 4pm or so, for the indefinite future. Come by and play!