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Rules Questions thread

Is it just me or is anti-air SUPER powerful? Anti-air units always do combat damage to flying units that fly over.

I don’t understand the design choice here. :frowning:

no is not. Consider that a flying unit that flies over a AA one yes gets dmg, but is not blocked by it, so for example a boosted void star can kill the opponent base/kill a maxb hero that has a dangerous ultimate (vandi, draak, etc). u may lose the unit, but destroy/kill something strategical

What I am talking about here though is defending your base with a flying unit that is patrolling. Why wouldn’t a patrolling flying unit nuke ground targets that pass under it?

Just like anti-air why wouldn’t they shoot a target flying over. To me its the same scenario.

no it’s not. U can think of a flier as a fighter jet. it does not see a single human soldier, unless is ordered to. An AA unit is just like an anti aircraft weapon. it can shoot down soldiers that come close and shot down aircrafts when they come close enough for being intercepted.

Logically, you would expect flying patrollers to be able to take shots at ground-based attackers, but that’s just not how the game was designed (probably for balance reasons, as flying attackers are very powerful).


@Legion Thanks for helping me with the rules clarification. I still disagree with the logic being used here. I’ll go with @Nekoatl here and submit it was probably for balance reasons not logic reasons.

I personally think flying units are not a good choice as a patrol unit unless your opponents has a flying unit and you have no AA. What good is a defender that can’t defend?

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I agree, but sometimes it’s still worth putting a flying unit that can’t attack in a patrol slot for the slot bonus, even if you know it won’t be attacked directly. Conversely, in some cases becoming a patroller makes a unit vulnerable to spells or effects that it otherwise wouldn’t be eligible for.

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The rulebook says:

The game ends when any player’s base is destroyed. At that moment, whoever’s base has the most hit points wins the game. If there’s a tie for highest base hit points, then the tied players each take one more turn and see if the tie is broken. Repeat this process if there’s still a tie at the end of those turns (though usually you won’t have to).

This doesn’t mention getting rid of the stuff that belongs to any players. So it seems like at least the Bugblatters belonging to players who whose bases didn’t die are still around. I would say to remove everything controlled by the player whose base was destroyed from play before proceeding, but I’m not sure if that’s right. @Sirlin what do you think?

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If I play a Vortex Emblem on an enemy unit and that player casts a spell such as Fire Dart does that player have to target it’s own unit, the unit with the Vortex Emblem?

Yes, remember though that for spells that can have multiple targets (Ember Sparks for example) only one of those targets need be their own unit. And if it can’t target that unit, then it can target what ever it likes


In the case of vortoss emblem, isn’t the unit attached functionally the same as any other Flagbearer? If I have a spectral Flagbearer, I don’t have to target it with my own stuff because it says “opponent spells and abilities”

The ability that requires players to target a Flagbearer is independent from the unit type. Any player affected by an ability that requires targeting a Flagbearer must do so if able, an in this case the player affected is the opponent (or opponents) of the player who controls Vortoss Emblem. If you Assimilate the Emblem, then it applies to your opponents instead of the opponents of the player who played it.

Can I use my own tokens for skeletons if I run out of the token cards that are provided?

Yes, as long as an effect doesn’t say “limit:”, there is no limit on the number of tokens you can have.


Is it legal to copy a legendary unit?

Yes, but if you would control more than one of the same legendary thing at a time, the newer one is immediately discarded instead. But, you can copy an opponent’s legendary unit with Manufactured Truth, for example, without issue.


Speaking of Manufactured Truth, what happens to the illusion at the end of the turn when the spell fades and the illusion took more damage than its current health.

For example, what if I used Manufactured Truth to make a copy of a Brave Knight out of a Mirror Illusion. Then I attacked with the copy of the Brave Knight (because my Mirror Illusion didn’t have summoning fatigue this turn) and took 2 damage in return thus leaving my Brave Knight with 2 damage on it.

What happens to the Mirror Illusion at the end of the turn when the spell fades?

In the previous example, what happens if the copy of Brave Knight were to have taken lethal damage. Does the Mirror Illusion return to my hand because that is what the brave knight would have done? That is how I have been playing it. I just want to make sure i’m doing it correctly.

Damage chits remain on the unit, so when its health decreases to equal or less than the damage on it, it dies, unless it’s indestructible. A unit copied to be a Brave Knight that takes lethal damage in combat would try to return to your hand, but tokens can’t go into your hand, so a Mirror Illusion would just disappear in that situation.


The moment the spell fades we check its health, see it has more damage on it then it has life, and it immediately dies.

Note quite true, Tokens can go to hand, but immediately get trashed once they get there (its the same interaction for when they get killed) and makes these interactions easier to understand. It is a brave knight on the field, so it get sent to your hand when it dies from combat damage, but once in your hand, it is a token, so immediately gets trashed.


I think if you have a tech lab before you build your tech 2 building, you pick your primary spec and your secondary spec when you build your tech 2 building.

This doesn’t make sense to me. If players aren’t required to choose the Lab’s spec as soon as they build the Lab (the rules do say “get to”, not “have to”), then shouldn’t players be able to postpone the choice even if they have a Tech II building? I think the line “This is in addition to the spec that you choose when you build your tech II building.” doesn’t imply that they have to be chosen at the same time, just that it’s possible to have 2 specs at once by using a Tech Lab.