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Rules Questions thread

I think morningstar is perfectly reasonable to work that way. Id be shocked and amused to see someone use shrine and morningstar in the same game though.

well, it would make dark pact cost 0 and no side effect :stuck_out_tongue:
Too bad that would happen too much late game

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If I keep playing Demonology/Growth/Strength, it’s likely to happen sooner or later.

Edit: and here it is.

Morningstar pass to mitigate Lich’s bargain seems a bit more potent, overall.

Does disabling a unit that is in the patrol area remove it from the patrol area then exhaust it or just move sideline it?


a disabled unit is exhausted and sidelined (if patrolling). that is why a well timed Injuction can clear the patrol zone


Thanks for the advice. I just got the game and have only played once. Im still learning the ropes.


your welcome. Remember that you can search this thread for informations by clicking on the magnifying glass incon in the top right corner and then clicking on the “search this topic” (only) option. use this site for cards references and basic/common rulings:
for example: Injuction


I know units and heroes have arrival fatigue so they may not attack or play ability’s that make the exhaust the turn they come into play. Can they patrol while having arrival fatigue? I have not found anything that says they can’t so I want to be sure.

Also, if a unit or hero has an ability that does not require exhaustion may they use that ability the turn they are summoned?

Yes you can patrol with them. Although I should note its not the action of it coming into to play, but it coming under your control that says you can’t tap it for abilities/attack with it.



Do -1 /-1 counters get removed from a hero when they level up a tier (band)?

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No, only damage gets removed. Even if something “deals damage in the form of -1/-1 runes,” that replaces the damage chits with -1/-1 runes and thus those runes don’t count as damage that can be healed.


Does Metamorphosis work on heroes in the command zone?

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Nope, a hero in the command zone is always in their default state, which is why using Snapback or Origin Story on a hero in play results in them returning at Level 1 with no damage, runes or attachments. Also, the command zone doesn’t count as “in play” and most cards can’t affect anything that is out of play (and they always specify if they can).


Does the target symbol at the end of a description just indicate that the spell or ability requires a target?

Also, if a card does not have a target symbol nor states it is targeting a thing than does it count as a type of global effect?

Take for instance the black deck’s Plague Lord. He does a blanket effect of -1/-1 on each opposing unit and hero. This is not a target effect because the card does not say so or imply it with a target symbol. Therefore when playing against the blue deck illusions they do not die from being targeted. Is that correct?


That’s right. As another example, Chaos Mirror swaps the printed ATK of two units/heroes but does not target either of them. So the lack of a target symbol doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a global effect, but it does mean that it won’t kill illusions, it can affect things that are untargetable, and resist won’t make it cost extra.


Thanks Hobusu. :slight_smile:


Does a unit that has forecast go to jail? I would not think that it does because it is not actually in “play” yet.

Forecasted units don’t go to Jail when played. They also don’t go there when they later arrive.
— Sirlin



Since the FFA bounty rules are now Whenever an enemy unit dies on your turn, you get a gold (max 3 per turn). What counts as an enemy unit dieing? Mainly, If I kidnap something and it dies, do I get a gold? If one of my units was mind controlled and dies, do I get a gold?