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Rules Questions thread

I’m taking a guess here but I wouldn’t be surprised if the rule is like that to allow you to play 2vs2 without buying additional core/deluxe sets for more add-on duplicates.

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Theres already enough for a 5 FFA match, so 2v2 seems like it would be covered. At least I am pretty sure theres enough addons for 5 players in the deluxe.

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Yeah, I was being dumb. Even if there were only 2 of every addon card in the box, you couldn’t play 2vs2 anyway because they are double-sided (aren’t they?).

Tower and surplus share a card, and heroes’ hall and tech lab share a card, and I think there is a pair for each of 5 players in the deluxe set.

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I would like to have the interaction of swift strike and indestructible added to the FAQ above.

As I understand it, the indestructible thing still gets to deal its combat damage to the swift strike unit in combat even if it would have been enough damage to kill it. Exhausting the indestructible unit does not remove it from the combat because it did not die, and the swift strike unit will take damage.

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I can add this to the combat abilities section. Here is what I understand happens when a swift strike unit attacks an indestructible unit:

  1. Swift strike unit deals damage to the indestructible unit
  2. If the damage is enough to otherwise kill the indestructible unit, exhaust it and remove all damage and attachments (as defined in the rulings) and remove it from the patrol zone
  3. The indestructible unit hits back with whatever its attack is now (after losing attachments)

This means that if Oathkeeper (7/8 swift strike) attacks an Immortal with Spirit of the Panda (5+2/5+2 with Indestructible), the Immortal only hits back with 5 attack instead of 7, because it lost Spirit of the Panda to Swift Strike damage.

Does that sound correct?

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It does to me.

It is done.

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Pleas fix the wording in the final sentenece of note 43 in the official rulings document.

Which sheet of the official rulings document?

If you’re going in there to edit anyway, could you add/clarify Prynn’s rulings on how her maxband and midband interact? see this part of the thread.

New thunderclap question (previous was can thunderclap target non patrolling illusions, answer was yes)

Does one of thunderclaps targets have to be a non patrolling flagbearer? Answer seems like it would also be yes. (assumes it is 2 cost)

Yes. If a flagbearer is a legal target, it must be targeted.

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One flagbearer must be targeted, so if you have both Spectal Flagbearers in play, the Thunderclap only needs to target one of them.

Also, if your opponent puts a Vortoss emblem on one of your cheap guys, that guy might soak up one of the thunderclap targets.

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If your own hero does on your turn, does your opponent’s hero still gain 2 levels? If he has multiple heroes, do you choose which gains the levels as the active player? If one is already max-banded, can you grant that one 2 levels to effectively remove the leveling from the hero death?

If your hero dies on your turn, you have to give 2 levels to an opposing hero. If your opponent has no heroes (or only a maxbanded hero), it is occasionally a smart play to intentionally suicide a hero of yours likely to get killed by your opponent, so that they can’t get those levels onto another hero they bring out.

Also, if you intend to kill an opponent’s hero and they have multiple heroes out, you can suicide one of your heroes, give the levels to the hero you intend to kill, bring out a new hero, then kill the opposing hero you gave the levels to, also as a way to mitigate your opponent gaining levels on to the “right” hero.


To answer your second/third questions more explicitly: Yes, you choose; and no, you have to choose to grant the levels to the one who is not already max level.

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What happens if you target an indestructible illusion?

I’d guess that it’d just exhaust? That’s an interesting one…

Copying immortals and Glaxx’s and Mox’s onto mirrors is totally legit. While the illusion is indestructible, yes, it would just exhaust.