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Rules Questions thread

  1. Correct, Resist doesn’t modify a spell’s cost, it just requires an additional payment.
  2. Units you control. “Whenever an effect doesn’t specify owner or controller, it means controller.” (p. 18)

When Maximum Anarchy destroys Scavenger/Technician patrollers, does Zane’s midband ability trigger? In other words, is Zane considered to be the killer because he’s the one casting the spell?

I suspect no, for the same reason why casting Scorch wouldn’t gain you that gold. Zane has to be doing the attacking.

And I just found the ruling:
“Zane’s middle ability requires ZANE to kill a scavenger or technician to get a bonus. If Zane himself kills them in combat or if Zane uses the damage from his max level ability, that counts. If another unit or hero kills them, or if Zane uses a spell to kill them, that does not count.”


Source? It is correct, I’m just curious who you attribute the quote to.

First ruling on this page, comes from Sirlin.

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Yeah it’s in the big rules document.

What happens when I use Injunction on my opponent’s Tech I, and then attack / destroy it?

Can I even attack it?

Can he rebuild it his next turn?

Disabling a unit or hero doesn’t make them unattackable, and I see no reason why disabling a building would make it unattackable. The spell disables the matching units directly, so I see no reason why they would stop being disabled if the building is destroyed.

I can see arguments both for and against being allowed to rebuild the tech building, which basically boil down to whether or not a rebuilt tech building is the same tech building as the one that’s destroyed. If the tech building retains its identity, then it seems to me that being disabled would prevent it from being rebuilt, but if each rebuilt tech building is a new building, then it seems there’d be nothing to prevent the player from building a new one. The fact that rebuilt tech buildings have a memory of their previous incarnations (in that they don’t require gold to rebuild and retain the spec choice in the case of Tech II) suggests to me that they are the same building, and should retain their disabled status. But, I think this calls for a ruling from @sharpobject.


I will agree on the asking for a ruling, but personally I see no reason why disabling a building would mean you can not rebuild it. If a hero was disabled and then Origin Storied, or a disabled unit bounced, then you could replay them, so why not a building?

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Yes you can attack it.
Yes he can rebuild it.

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Heroes and units are “cards” though. There are specific rules about cards leaving play area, i.e. “Cards have no memory”.

Tech buildings / Tech levels are not cards. Card-specific rules don’t necessary apply to them.

I.e. I can see logic behind
“Injunction makes inoperable not just Tech I building, but “Tech I” as a whole. You cannot do anything related to Tech I building at all while Injunction effect is active”.

Also please stop trying to draw parallels between “Disabling” units/heroes and “Disabling” Tech building via Injunction. Injunction makes building “not operational”, as clarified by italic text. It’s unique mechanic.

Yeah, I’d love to see @sharpobject 's take on this =\

I also suppose that a player can rebuild Injunctioned and destroyed Tech building, but not for reasons you state. Rather, for a reason that disabling a Tech building for two turns in a row with a single attack is probably too powerful.

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Law is one of the few factions I’m least worried about being too powerful.

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That’s not an excuse for a single card to be OP, though.

And Injunction is already strong.

You already can remove a tech building for two turns. If you disable tech 1 and destroy tech 2, they can’t rebuild tech 2 until their tech 1 is functional again.
At least, I’m pretty sure.

Yeah, you are correct.

But if Injunction denies rebuilding, you can deny Tech II for a whopping three turns =\

Injunction seems strong, but in my experience, it’s generally too expensive to be practical during the early- to mid-game, and does too little in the late game. Yeah, you can lock down some of your opponent’s units and delay their tech progress a bit, but they’ll use the gold and card advantage you’re giving up to just kill Bigby using other cards, and then tech up safely with a board advantage. (That’s the problem with blue control in general: it costs resources to use but doesn’t take any resources from the opponent, so they just reallocate those resources to kill you in some way other than what you lock them out of.)

How’s that 3 turns? They can’t rebuild during the 1st turn, they rebuild on the 2nd, and they can play their tech cards and/or build their next tech building on the 3rd, right? So, only 2 turns of downtime? Considering you’re investing in both the spell’s cost and the building damage, that seems worth 2 turns of downtime to me, as that’s what you’d get if you just staggered the two. Normally, the ideal use-case for Injunction is surprise your opponent on the turn after they build their Tech II building by locking down their Tech I and clear away enough patrollers to break their Tech II, then follow-up by continuing to Injunction or break their Tech I.

Let’s not turn this into Blue Strategy thread, shall we :wink:

You Injunct Tech I, destroy Tech II and destroy Tech I. If Injunction blocks rebuilds, next turn your opponent rebuilds nothing, the turn after rebuilds Tech I, turn after Tech II, and only after turn after he can play his Tech II. So, 3 turns without Tech II.


Okay, but that requires a whopping 10 points of building damage plus the cost of an Injunction spell in the same turn, so effectively a 3 turn delay in tech progress for 3 tech buildings’ worth of investment. Still seems fair.

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Hope I’m doing this right. (this seems a strange format for rules questions to all be in a single thread.)

My rules question is in regards to cards like Rampant Growth or Sensei’s Advice that add +X/+X to a unit/hero for this turn. What is meant by “this turn”? Is it only the active player’s turn, or does it carry through the opponent’s turn as well? I guess it boils down to what a turn is. Thanks.

Only the active player’s turn. Other buff spells like Ferocity and Elite Training grant bonuses until the casting player’s next upkeep.