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Elite Training on a Deathtouch unit.


that is exactly the combo on my mind :wink:


@codexnewb was under the impression that Gilded Glaxx, being a “Mech Soldier”, does NOT benefit from Battle Suits.

I am 99% sure being a “Mech Soldier” is equivalent to being a “Mech” and a “Soldier” (though being a “Mech” is pointless wrt any other card afaik?), and thus he does get the +1 attack, but can we get a third party confirmation on that?

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yes, he is both mech and soldier, so battle suits works indeed.


It definitely works. More common is battle suits into Hardened Mox.


A unit can have multiple types. Cute Animal Ninja is two independent types, and will be affected by things that specify ninja or cute animal. Same with Mech Soldier. It is both a Mech and a Soldier.


My favorite example of this is Rambasa Twin, who is a Tiger and a Monk, and thus can be fetched via Calamandra’s Maxband.


Does True Power of Storms require “2 cards that cost exactly 3” or “2 cards that cost at least 3”

Requires cards that cost exactly 3

Discipline has a decent number of useful 3 cost cards, alongside the white starter.


A skeleton attacks a defending maxband Orpal with a tower. Does the active player decide whether it dies from tower or from Orpals combat damage, or do both the -runes and tower damage get applied, then it dies and triggers maxband?

Based on my understanding, it is the second, but I just want to make sure.

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The 2nd thing will happen there.


For Garus Rook at Max level vs Blackhand scourge, are -1/-1 runes cleared when you put the crumbling rune on him?

Nope. He’s tiny Rook until he really dies for realsies.


What does the target symbol mean on the Doubleshot Archer? What is it targeting? Does it target whatever it attacks?

Pretty sure it’s targeting the base.


That seems downright unnecessary. Thanks!


That symbol on a unit means that the unit has an ability that targets something, and therefore might have to pay extra if that something gains resist, or can’t target a thing if that thing is invisible or untargetable (unless you have a detector or tower). Also, if a targetting ability is used on an illusion, the illusion is destroyed.

Many spells also target, as do many hero abilities. Interestingly, there are spells that affect specific units/heroes but don’t target (like Chaos Mirror) and won’t pop an illusion or incur resist surcharges.

It is weird, though, since I can’t think of anything that affects targeting of bases… Mind-Parry Monk only affects effects that target units/heroes. I agree that it does seem unnecessary. Anybody else have any ideas of a time when a base’s being targeted would matter for game purposes?

It is somewhat consistent, though. Pirate-Gang Commander gives units a targetting ability that also can only target bases, and Bugblatter’s ability targets as well. The PGC ability is particularly weird, since it “targets,” but there is no choice to be made: it always targets all opponent bases.

Extra weird: Firebird does not target (and therefore can’t pop illusions) when it does 1 damage to every unit and hero the opponent controls. So why does it not target, while PGC’s granted ability does target (each opponent’s base)? Shuriken Hail is similar to Firebird.


It is, as @ARMed_PIrate points out.

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Can a unit with 0 ATK attack (say, for the purposes of suiciding to rack up Blatter or PG Commander base damage)?


Yes, you can attack even with things that have 0 ATK. Might of Leaf and Claw is written a specific way because of this.