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Rule misunderstanding and big apologies

Just had a conversation with @ericf after he read a Thoughts part of a post in which I discussed how I was planning to position the patrol given the cards I’d just drawn.

And so realized that I’ve been making a basic mistake in how I’ve been playing out my moves. I thought that the patrol gets set after the discard/draw with knowledge of the cards you’ve drawn, instead of set in advance before the discard/draw. This is how I’ve been making every move since starting to play Codex last fall. (Even thought that the tracking spreadsheet was designed for this, with the “Discard/Draw” and “Generate Post” buttons separate.)

Feel a complete idiot for making this mistake, and for so long. And for sure invalidates any of my game results.

But most of all feel really really bad and apologetic to everyone I’ve played so far, casually or in tournaments, in games thought to be on a completely level playing field but that inadvertently weren’t. That’s a lot of time and thought put in and enjoyment had, and very sad to find this out in retrospect.

Big apologies.