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Release date Whitestar vs Vortoss

I’ve seen that the expansion pack for The Whitestar Order vs The Vortoss Conclave is currently P&P only. When will it be available in physical format? What is the expected release date in Europe (writing from Spain).
Thanks in advance.

Also, are these really “expansions”, or do they contain exactly the same components as Red vs Green, but with the appropriate cards?

IIRC, only red vs green comes with binders.

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Sirlin has stated that the expansions have as few components as possible (in other words, just the cards) to reduce the cost. That’s why the Flagstone Dominion vs Blackhand Scourge expansion is only $40, which I’m guessing the other expansion will match when it comes out.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when it will be available in Europe. However, the US Amazon page for the expansion says it will be available here on November 16th.