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RACE #3: EricF ([Bashing]/Necro/Demon) vs. Castanietzsche (Mono Blue)

Eyes is a detector!

Good point! That’s an OK counter to Metamorphosis, then.

GG :smile_cat:
I did many early errors in this game (Mirror in SQL on my T2, thinking you would have teched only 1 Dark Pact and playing Aven on T3…) and then Metamorphosis completely overwhelmed me !
Troq is actually ok in this game, as cheap Neutral Starter along with no multi-color penalty offered you the little econ advantage which usually lacks in the early Metamorphosis gameplan !
Troq is also an ok hero once maxbanded, and Wrecking Ball has a good synergy with Dark Pact as a Tower destroyer !

I don’t think that [Bashing]/Necro/Demon is the best team to focus on Metamorphosis as layer-1 yomi gameplan though, but it was very fun to play against it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the match mate !