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Quick Match Battles - Next Battle Jan. 30th @ 6pm EDT

I forged my Yomi knowledge in the pits of the quick match. Sadly, qm sees little action these days. Primarily, I like playing in tournaments, but I also like playing for rank in the QM. I am here to announce that I will be in QM on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6pm EST. I invite any like minded players to join me in battle at the appointed times. I would prefer to play a quick best of five.


Plz, next time complete our game till the end. I like packs :sob:

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I don’t recall leaving early, but I will keep this mind. I think we had a brief conversation because the match was already decided. I must have left without the match being officially over. I apologize. I usually leave in a hurry because playing this game stresses (a good stress) me out, and I need a reprieve.

Our match was actually the inspiration for this announcement because it reminded of how fun QM used to be. I want that again.

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Good idea :slight_smile:
What about saying on the discord too ?
Many people have discord on their phones, so that’s easy to see when someone is up for some QM.

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I’ll throw it on the Yomi Tournament Calendar as well, in case anyone is looking there (or for all 20 of you who follow the twitter account). If anyone else has times that they’re predictably on QM, I’m happy to add those as well. @MysticDeadman, I recently took off the Wednesday Night Fights entry, because I hadn’t seen any traffic on that thread, but if you’re still hanging out on Weds afternoons, I’ll put it back.


Ooo, that’s great news. I’d been holding off on getting Yomi on Steam due to the death of QM.

I still don’t know if I should get it, though. I’m also EST, and the times you’ll be queuing up are times Salrane will be getting home from work (and also I have volleyball Thursday nights) so I’ll be doing stuff with or for him (Overwatch, tabletop games [such as Yomi!], making dinner). I’d want the Steam Yomi so I can play when he’s not available and I need a break from my language study. I really enjoyed the web client back in the day (I wanna say… 2013?).

It sounds like the Discord helps with finding a QM opponent. But I’d need to find someone else who doesn’t have to be at an office in the late morning or afternoon. Or just someone in a radically different timezone, I suppose. 日本に住めば一挙両得です!言語実習が必要ですから。


I haven’t been, due to work wearing me out over the week, but if I get it up and running again, I’ll let you know.

Mains or lies are to be had here.

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You might have surmised mine from my forum avatar!

I’ve mained Sombra since Season 3. @Salrane mains Zenyatta. It’s a combo we have polished for an entire year now.

We also have excellent results with my Reaper & his Lucio, my Moira & his Reinhardt, or my Mercy & his Pharah (though playing Mercy always feels like a waste of all the work I’ve put into my aim; I consider myself a “tracking main” and was delighted when they finally released a tracking-based healer as counterpart to the flick-based Ana).

Right now we’re mostly sticking to the Reinhardt/Moira combo, since toxicity is at all-time high and I need a break from the Sombra-haters who’ve never had the opportunity to play with a Sombra that one-clips enemies. If get scapegoated by one more pissy manchild who’s having a bad day and projecting his failings onto the Sombra, I’ma start punching faces and never stop.


Sweet, Sombra and Moira are my mains!

Tell ya, it’s fun playing as them here too! (Gwen/Gloria)

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Haha, what are the odds? My Yomi roster is Jaina, DeGrey, Valerie, Gwen, and Gloria. Jefferson and his ladyfriends. Who doesn’t want a piece of that undying stud? I like me a well-spoken gentleman.

Those are interesting comparisons you draw. I see the Gloria thing; despite significant personality differences, they both make use of a healing orb. Gwen’s a bit tougher to picture. I guess she’s blisteringly fast, while Sombra has the best mobility in Overwatch? I think Persephone fits a little better, with the way she denies her opponents options. Gwen has a touch of that in Chains of Ice, but the puppetmaster theme that plays out across Sombra’s finger-strings— and is highlighted in many of her sprays— goes well with Mistress’s Command. And what could correspond better with a blackmailing hacker of secrets than Bare You Soul and Do As Told?

… I think I just talked myself into picking Persephone back up.


The Gwen/Sombra comparison comes from their collective mobility, their ability to heal themselves, put themselves into advantageous situations by doing things most people don’t expect, their respective shutdown abilities, and the fact that if you put the Rime skin on Sombra it’s almost impossible not to see one in the other.

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The first QM match was a success. @Hobusu defeated me 2-1 in a quick three game set. I enjoy getting on and finding an opponent almost immediately. I will continue to show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 6pm EST. As long as one player shows up, this can continue indefinitely.


Thanks for getting this started. Was thinking about doing something like this myself. Will plan on being there this upcoming Thursday.

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I did! :smiley:

Today’s QM Battle log:

CKR lost to @fivec 1-0 (fivec had to leave after first match)


Cumulative QM Battle Record: 1-3

I plan to release a log after each QM battle. This is more of a personal journal that will help me to remain accountable for playing my weekly matches. I have changed my plan to playing this only on Tuesdays @ 6pm EDT. @vengefulpickle, please update your calendar to reflect this. Thanks.


Done! Ten chars

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By “had to leave” meant “didn’t want to risk losing rank playing against a good player”.


I apologize if any one showed up for the battle. My furnace was out. It is two below zero here. I had to replace the circuit board and lost track of time. Fortunately, the furnace is back up and running. Once again, I apologize. The next battle will be January 9th @ 6pm EDT.


I’m finding you a tricky opponent to encounter out in the wilds of QM @CKR, hope you’re doing okay. I’m trying to play against established players because I’m worried my new found fondness for Persephone will have new players rage quitting before they’ve had a chance to meet Zane. Luckily was able to get in a game against Fivec.


I will be back next week. The wife was demanding a night out. I should have made an announcement in the Yomi chat. I look forward to playing you.