Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

Cool! Since I had a taste of it in the tourny, I’ll take Purple in Red v Purple. I’ll open a warm-up thread.

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I’m interested in Red vs. Black., since the model considers that to be (barely) in Red’s favour, not Black’s. I’m not sure I’m experienced in either side of that matchup, though.

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Well, that’s why we do warm-up games! If you’re up for it, I’ll take the Red side of that matchup (it’ll be too confusing for me to play 2 different games against mono-red at the same time).

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Interested in playing again. I’ll play [Finesse]/Present/Discipline. Rolled 59.


Welcome back @cstick ! Pick me a deck and start a thread, I’m down for a game :slight_smile:

I’m down for an MMM also, anyone have interest in Blue v White or Black v Purple?

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I would be interested in being the purple of Black vs Purple, it’s a matchup I’ve played a fair bit of but would love to investigate further

I’m still playing against Frozenstorm, but I have the bandwidth for another game if anyone’s interested. I’ll play [Demonology]/Fire/Balance. Rolled 62.


@cstick I’m game with [Feral]/Blood/Discipline! I rolled 69 (nice) so I’ll start as P1

Anybody up for a match against my favorite deck
Rolled a 64

I’m down. [finesse]/peace/truth

rolled 16

I’m assuming this is with the balance changes?

With the current tourney I’m out for casual games for the moment, but with you being there as well, I hope you get enough codex pdf or that somebody else steps in :wink:

Oh fair

And yeah, if anyone is up for a casual game, let me know.

edit: btw I’m down to play [finesse]/peace/truth with the balance changes OR to play monoblue against another mono colored deck with no balance changes.

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Sorry to double post, but I can’t edit my previous one.

I’m down to play mono blue or mono white against mono colored.

I’m also down to test [Feral]/Blood/Truth against anything with the rules changes.

Hello, guys! Looking for someone, who be glad to play CODEX online. Please PM me here or discord lich9006

Where online are you taking about @lich ? If you’d like to play by forum you’ve come to the right place ^•^ you might have a harder time with tabletopia or the codex remaster currently in the works for Sirlin patreon backers

Hi! I mean here Codex: Card-Time Strategy | GRAG | or TTS (much more convenient, but as i know, Sirlingames hate it). I sometimes play with the guys from discord. But I noticed that you changed the balance in the game, I can change the effects of the necessary cards in TTS.

I live near China, so the time zone is inconvenient. But! I work online, so I have enough time throughout the day!

Hey, I would be interested in a 2vs2. Zango would play with me. Do you have someone? Time zone might be an issue. We have gmt +1. Evenings is possible for us. On the weekends we might be able to free some time on the day.

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I haven’t had any luck on discord, but maybe here will work. Anyone want to play the new codex on screentop? I’d probably play blue or possibly white.

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Hey! Just to check, you mean codex 1 on like the link a few posts above right? Id be down to try

What timezone are you in? I could actually do later today but also am fairly flexible for during the days this next week - im GMT +1

That link is for the old codex, I mean the new one currently in development, but available to patreon subscribers. Patreon subs can play with non subs. I think you’d like the updates so you should def try it with me :slight_smile:

I don’t think i’ll have a chance this week (not sure why I posted this now in retrospect :sweat_smile:) but I can make next week work. DM your discord and we can figure it out. I’m GMT -9 so it’d probably have to be a weekend.

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