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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

@FrozenStorm Sure, I’m up for more games!

There are still some monocolor match ups I haven’t had a chance to explore. In fact, how do you feel about taking up a MMM series?

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Sounds great! Pick one for us

Red vs Blue? Seems like it might be harsh on the Blue side, so… would you play Blue?

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I can play me some Blue XD let’s get to it!

I’m back, I have free time again, and am I looking for some forums games! so let kick this off with some mono-purple… You weren’t actually expecting me to play a new deck right? :stuck_out_tongue:

rnd #49

Hey @Shadow_Night_Black I’ll take a game on mono black against that purple, I haven’t played black in awhile :slight_smile:

I rolled 8, go ahead and start us off!

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Ahoy! Looking for a casual 1v1 -playing as mono-blue - rng = 92

I can take another game @Request, I’ll play Past Peace Anarchy and I rolled 99 :blush: I’ll see what you’re playing and start us a thread!

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Help! I have like seven deck ideas and nobody to play!

i’ll play one of these. RNG 62 as mono-purple

I’ll play one of your decks, you start a thread, go first, and pick a deck for me to play.

I got a 41 but I can’t remember what that means. I’ll try [Disease] has no Future in Fire deck. Pending name since I’m only certain about two out of three factions.

Higher number goes first.

My quest to get excellent value out of Wandering Mimics continues… Looking for a 1v1 as [Present]/Necro/Balance, rn=60.

playing [necro]/blood/truth - rolled an 8 so you can go first

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I’m looking to get back into the game after being gone for a while. I’ll play green. = 50.

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I’ll play you as Purple. rn = 4, so P1 to you.

I’m basically looking for as many games as I can get.

  1. [Finesse]/Present/Discipline Random: 55

  2. [Past]/Peace/Blood Random: 42

  3. [Demonology]/Fire/Balance Random: 02

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I want to give the Neutral starter a spin, with [Finesse]/Strength/Balance. chose your 3rd deck as my opponent, and gave 41/100 so I’ll hit us off!

Hello everyone. I’m new to these forums, and I’m pretty new to the game itself, since I just found out about it around a month ago. I’ve played only two games IRL, both with a friend whom I taught it to, and got trounced both times. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d like to try a PBF game so I can learn more about how to play the game well. I’d prefer to play either side of Red vs. Green, since I’ve practiced that match-up by myself several times, but I’m OK with playing Red or Green against any other monocolor.