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Post Here if you're looking for a Play by Forum Opponent

I’ve been looking to try [Finesse]/Future/Discipline, you down? rn = 43.

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Wanted to try an experimental team. [Discipline]/Strength/Fire. RND=76. Let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

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[Demonology]/Fire/Finesse, rn = 25. You down? I just joined the forum and am learning a ton.

Looking for a casual game as [Necro]/Balance/Anarchy, rnd=31

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I’m down to try [Ninjitsu]/Feral/Demon, RN = 100, ill send you a link.

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New here. Anyone want to play against mono blue? I rolled a 48, but I’m not sure what that number is for exactly.

@rathyAro it’s for determining who goes first. I rolled 43, go ahead and start a thread I’ll play whatever deck you want to play against :grin: I’m not new here and am glad to show new folks the ropes

If you have questions, feel free to shoot them my way!


I’m just trying to get used to the game so anything you pick works for me. It would be cool to see what a real custom deck looks like though.

Random team! I’m looking for someone to play against a random team I generated on the database. It gave me [Disease]/Feral/Fire. Random #=11.

I’m happy to play a real competitive deck, but I’d argue it’s not the best way to learn the game. I’ll play mono green for the first game

Anyone down to play against [Balance]/Feral/Necromancy? rn=4


I’m down. If it’s ok with you I’ll use the random team I rolled for my earlier post. Also a heads-up…I’m a teacher going back to work tomorrow, so I won’t be able to post as often as I did in our first couple games. Most likely one or two turns in the evening.

If that’s all agreeable, I’ll set it up.


yeah. that’s fine by me.

High time I played this again. Mono purple. (highroll goes first): 37

Hey want to play against my new deck?

[Discipline]/Blood/Truth random: 93

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@rathyAro sounds great! You’ll be P1, then.

I’m interested in playing mono purple against a top meta deck rnd # 28

Is it cool to be in more than one game at a time? If so anyone want to play against my [Discipline]/Truth/Fire deck? 45

As much as you feel you can handle! I think the understanding is that it’s totally cool, but you should avoid taking on more games than you can keep up with, since overcommitting will lead to you abandoning those games.

I’ll play if you like @rathyAro, I’ll bring out the #noMercy squad of [Necro/Demon]/Finesse (since you wanted to go against high-tier decks :smiling_imp:), rolled 85 so I’ll go first