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Polling for CAFS Tournament Format

So, Frozenstorms question has made me think it might be fun to run CAFS with the proposed Bans. However, I want some more concrete feedback on participation. To that end, a POLL!

  • I would play no matter what is banned.
  • I would play with the proposed bans.
  • I would play if you added another ban.
  • I would play if you removed a ban.
  • I would play if you changed a ban.
  • I would only play in CAFS without bans.

0 voters

Proposed Bans:

Strength + Growth cannot be paired
Peace cannot be paired with purple starter
Demon + Necro cannot be paired (yes, this means mono-black would be blocked)
Alternate: Demon can’t be paired with black starter


I’m in favor of trying out a tournament with bans, but it occurs to me that some people might object to having bans in one of the forum’s “official” tournaments.


Fair point. Generally speaking, there doesnt seem to really be time to run both a CASS style “official” tournament and still allow room for more oddball formats. In the past, EricF set up both a CASS each quarter and another style each quarter, but I noticed there was frequently overlap, and people seemed not to have the energy to do both each quarter. This is to say, I would either run the oddball format or the CASS format each quarter, not both.

So, if you object to the CASS style having bans, please select that option, even if you would play in a less official sounding tournament format that had bans.


Are you not overbuffooning it a little with “forum’s official tournaments”? ;D

Just pick a format and have fun.

Running oddball tournaments every other quarter sounds like a nice idea. If someone really does not like that — well, there’s always the next one.

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While that’s true, run whatever and have fun, I’d like to get a sense of the forum’s opinions anyway.


BUMP In case anyone else cares to chime in.

I know I’ve not been playing tournament games here but for my 2c the idea of alternating between standard formats and non-standard formats seems like a good one. It certainly seems to work well for the yomi community.

I voted because I’ll probably try my luck at some codex forum tournaments over the next year