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Playing against Blood

ok guy, i have an hard time getting consistent results against blood. how do you play vs it when you see it coming? whatdo you tech?

for starters, lets talk about monocolor games.

Green can use Ferocity and Moment’s Peace to slow down the blood engine.

tried and tried, but it only delays the inevitable


The key I’ve found while playing as MonoRed is that Red needs to become the beatdown so that they can safely deploy Tech II to begin with. It’s a problem as Red when my opponent finally manages to put up a board that’s too big for me to deal with, and if I leave it and try to tech up, I can get blown out on board. Green and White will be the easiest colors to do this with.

Because Red is built around reversals, keep in mind what specific reversals they can deploy against you: Fire spells, Kidnapping, Zane (as a hasted hero), Surprise Attack, and maxband Drakk + any unit. All of those options have costs, and some of them will be impractical or impossible (if you’ve killed Jaina on the last turn, for instance, or if they don’t have enough gold to summon and maxband Drakk).

I dunno, it’s hard for me to generalize because so many games where I’ve lost as Red come down to very specific gambles or mistakes that I made which got exploited.

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As Purple I find it often comes down to which one of us can stick their tech 2 down first. Crashbarrows/Hyperions both leave little defence and are great at breaking tech buildings. One thing I should point out that sometimes it is right to Not Patrol against Blood, giving them 2 for 1s is how they get ahead, letting them take their pick, but only get one can give you that crack back to break that tech 2.


I know you’re right, but this still looks like something you’d see in one of those Galaxy Brain memes.


I know right? It also one of the hardest things to do, Im pretty sure I’ve lost a tournament game by patrolling against blood, I even put it in my thoughts I probably shouldn’t, can’t remember against who or which tournament though, so its gonna be hard to find


Just for you, @Hobusu


Heh, I stopped somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd levels in my last game against zhavier.