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Persephone's play-by-post end-of-turn checklist

I find myself making an illegal move every game, or multiple bookkeeping errors, so I’m making this checklist in the hope it will prevent some embarrassment. May it be of use to you too.

(I don’t use the spreadsheet, so apologies if some of these are automated and irrelevant for you.)

  1. Did you put everything into your discard?
    • Units your opponent killed last turn.
    • Units that died in combat this turn.
    • Spells you cast.
    • Your techs.
    • Cards discarded to Thieving Imp, Martial Mastery, etc.
  2. Did you use a spell or ability to get rid of…
    • Traffic Director or Nullcraft?
      • Traffic Director cannot be targeted.
      • Nullcraft can only be targeted by burn spells and Versatile Style.
        • Shadow Blade and Reversal are debuffs, not burn spells.
    • a patroller in Lookout? Did you pay for Resist?
      • also: Brick Thief, Lv. 3 Calamandra’s units, Gemscout Owl, Lv. 3 Vandy, and Knight of the Conclave in Tech 0 and I.
    • an Illusion? Can your ability target enemy units?
      • None of White’s buffs can, including Aged Sensei and Sparring Partner.
      • Rampant Growth, Argagarg, and his Growth spec buffs can, but Forest’s Favor (and Bloom) cannot.
      • Charge cannot, but Bloodlust can.
      • Elite Training cannot, but Boot Camp can.
    • a Tech II patroller?
      • Forgotten Fighter, Bigby, and River can only bounce/sideline Tech 0 or I.
    • a unit that wasn’t patrolling?
      • Arrest and Entangling Vines can only disable patrollers.
  3. Did you attack with…
    • a Sparkshot unit or hero? Deal your spark damage!
      • Grave, Jaina, Vandy, and Geiger have Sparkshot, as does Crypt Crawler, Huntress, and even Sentry.
    • an Overpowering unit? You can only overpower if you hit a patroller.
  4. Did you cast a spell?
    • Do you have a hero?
    • Do they have Reputable Newsman? Double check the cost.
    • Sensei’s Advice and Charge can’t target heros.
    • Did you put it in your discard?
  5. Do the counts for hand, deck, and discard match the contents?
  6. Is the turn number correct?
    • is the player number correct?
  7. Did you build anything? Are your buildings correct? (h/t @CarpeGuitarrem )
    • Did you add building damage? (h/t @charnel_mouse)
      • Dark Pact and the deaths of Drakk and several Blood units can damage your base on your turn!
  8. Did you play a hero?
    • Did they die on either your or your opponent’s last turn? They’re on cooldown.
    • Do you already have a hero? You need to have a Hero’s Hall or Tech II that you aren’t rebuilding.

Anything you frequently forget?


Forest’s Favor is a green buff that cannot target enemy units/heroes.


which is identical to the bloom spell.


Can we please just collectively rule that Vandy doesn’t have resist
It’s totally unnecessary, let’s just get rid of it

This really isn’t the place for balance discussion, there are multiple other threads for that.

Another common one:

  1. Did you add building damage that happened on your turn / the opponent’s turn, including Drakk deaths?
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I would also note that at least a few of these checks are handled automatically by the spreadsheet. #5 and 6 specifically, and tech cards from #1.

only if you remember to put correctly all the cards in discard, to adjust the turn count in case you had to ctrl+Z to redo a turn, and to confirm the tech choices tho XD

Correct, the spreadsheet is a delicate flower that will break if you shake it violently.


This is an easy one to fix, but: “Did you build a tech building/add-on?” Don’t forget to type its HP into that box as well as noting it in your actions. And don’t forget to choose a spec if it’s Tech II or a Tech Lab.


Similarly, building a Tech II building, changing your mind, but not taking it off the sheet. Easy to forget, and can also throw the game by revealing your spec choice.