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Oh, the In-Humanity! [Single Day Tournament]

Oh, the In-Humanity!

A Single-Day Yomi Tournament on Jan. 7th at 6pm GMT

Since there seems to be demand for more tournaments (@Rollmuch, @ClanNatioy!), I figured I would step up to the challenge with another Yomi event! Oh, the Inhumanity! is a single-day tournament where only non-human Yomi characters are allowed.

The Following Characters Qualify as Inhuman

*I am aware that, lore-wise, both Rook and Gwen were originally human. I feel like they have both sufficiently been “transformed” as to count as non-humans at this point. If you disagree… deal with it, I guess?


  • Saturday Jan. 7th at 6pm GMT (10am PST)
  • If 8+ people show up, Single Elimination. If <8, Round Robin.
  • Matches are first to 3
  • Standard CP
  • Only Rook, Lum, Argagarg, BBB, Troq, Persephone, Gwen, and Vendetta may be played.
  • Fast Timer
  • In the case of a double KO, replay the MU

If people overwhelmingly want a change to the ruleset, I can be persuaded.

Let me know in this thread if you’re interested in participating! On the day of, I will be online starting 30 minutes before the start time. Message me on the server then to confirm your participation!

Combat is terrible and brutish. One cannot be human and win.


I think I can b on at that time sounds like fun!

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I’m in. but if less then 8 on day of event will probably be out.

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i have interest but need to see availability next week

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I’m in.
The forum software wants us to use at least 10 characters though!


Just a reminder that this event is happening NEXT WEEK! So far exactly 8 people (including myself) have expressed interest. That number is a little close for comfort, so don’t be shy to share this event with others :wink:. I’d love to have as many participants as possible!

I’m very sorry but I have to withdraw my registration. I totally forgot I was travelling that weekend.



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Cool I can make it.

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I’ll play if you guys let me start in Dragon Form


Sadly it turns out i will not be available to play that day :frowning:
I still hope there is a good turn out as i would like this to be an on going thing

I don’t know who I’m going to rep, but I’ll try.

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My face has completely healed from the tournaments last year. I will play.


Sorry about the late notice. I’m not going to make it.

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that the tournament will begin in 45 min! Don’t forget to message me on the sever before the start time to confirm your participation!


Zqxx v snoc

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Me vs Zqxx uploading here:

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That moment when snoc decides to grant you a new name :smile:

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It’s a good name.

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Zqxx v flagrantangles


Zqxx v FaceOnMars (FINALS MATCH!)

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