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New to Codex

I’m looking to get into Codex. I’d eventually like to get all the content(expansions, etc), but I was wondering what the best way to get started is? Price isn’t a huge issue, I prefer the nicer deluxe sets over print and play.

  1. Is it reasonable to buy the core set and expansions?(seems like the content i want to play)
  2. Will more copies of the deluxe edition be available anytime in the future?
  3. How many expansions are there?
  4. Is there a list somewhere with available content? I checked Sirlin games, but seems like not all the expansions are listed.
  1. The Deluxe set has everything, and if price isn’t an issue, then go straight for that. Codex is designed as a ‘non-collectable’ card game (don’t quote me on the wording), meaning that there aren’t any official expansions or updated editions, nor will there be. Rather than collectible, it’s intended to be modular, and replayability/variety comes in the form of combining the 20 specs in new combinations.

  2. Dunno about availability, sorry.

  3. No, expansions per se. There are a total of 6 factions (each containing 3 specs), along with 2 Neutral (or, ‘non-faction’) specs. I understand you can buy each of the factions seperately, but I’d imagine the Deluxe set would work out cheaper (and simpler) if you plan to get em all anyway.

  4. contains the full list of 20 specs, and each card within, along with relevant rules adjudications etc.

Hope that helps, best of luck acquiring a Deluxe Set, and if you’re interested in play-by-forum then you’ve found the place! Any questions - just ask.

Technically there are expansions.
There’s the starter set, bashing vs finesse, which is just two specs, intended to help you learn the game.
Then there’s the core set, red vs green, three specs vs three specs. Both of these (starter and core) l come with tokens and game boards (although I think they’re different game boards but don’t quote me on that). The core set also comes with red and green binders.
Then there are two expansions: white vs purple and black vs blue. These don’t come with tokens or game boards, only cards.

The deluxe set contains bashing, finesse, green, red, blue, purple, white, and black. It has one set of tokens (so buying an extra starter set or something might not be a bad idea if you ever want to play with more than two players at a time). It has six binders, one for each colour. It has two very nice playmats and also some regular play boards. It also includes the special map cards, which are a bit weird and crazy. We’ve got a tournament of those going on right now.

Lastly, the best way to get into it is to play! You can play right here on the forums. If I remembered where the rulebook was I’d link it to you, but I can link you a website with the cards for reference. So hang around, play a game. It’s good fun.

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Found the rulebook…

Thanks guys, I think i have most of the info i need for now. Sadly I can’t find a deluxe edition. As a collector, I think it’s the way I want to go. Will be keeping an eye out.


Are there any left in the Sirlin store? I haven’t checked lately

The official store is sold out, and, as far as I know, there’s no plan for another run. If you want a deluxe edition, you’ll have to go hunting, I’m afraid.

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Yeah, the Deluxe set was part of a print run done specifically for the Kickstarter, it wasn’t intended for retail and the ones on sale were all the ones left over from the Kickstarter run.

You can still get all the content in the Deluxe set, just not as a bundle. Basically one of each of everything else on this page (excluding sleeves), and as many playmats as you want. You’ll have to print your own copy of the map cards from the print-and-play, but they don’t have to be shuffled into decks so that should work fine.


I decided to order the starter set and core set. I’ll probably still get the expansions and/or deluxe set when i can find one. The only real question is will i want a binder for the cards in the starter set? Seems like i’ll basically have everything else I need/want.

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I don’t think you’d want a binder for that; you’ll either be slotting the starter specs into existing binders or playing a 1 spec vs 1 spec game (Bashing vs Finesse), and if you’re doing Bashing vs Finesse a binder is definitely overkill, it’s very straightforward to just use a deck as your Codex.

If you’re playing as Bashing or Finesse on their own, you have 24 cards in your codex to make tech choices from. While choosing tech choices from that many cards as a single pile on the table might be a bit daunting for first-time players, I’d say it’s doable. If you’re concerned about preserving the cards, you might want to sleeve these ones first, since they’re not protected by a binder. (There are Codex sleeves in the store, if you’re going all-in on being a collector.)


Welcome @shotgunsteve85! I would recommend sleeving the cards as @charnel_mouse said, and if you would like to try out a game here on the forums, I’d be more than happy to walk you through that process, just lmk!


Thanks man, maybe we can do that one day this week. Thank you everyone for the help.