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Monoblack Soulstone/Bone Collector rush

Me and my friend have been playing Black vs Green for the last couple of weeks, probably about 10 games. Last night I sorta accidentally stumbled into this idea for a rush.

It’s important to get a graveyard up in the early turns, otherwise I don’t think anything else is important to the strat. On first tech put in 2 bone collectors, then 2 soulstones and third probably Doom Grasp.

The synergy of soul stone and bone collector is really strong. A 4/4 can beat down into anything and even if a suicide is needed you still get to keep the bone collector for next turn. Meanwhile generating tons of skeleton tokens which can act as speedbumps for the opponent. Graveyard is there to provide additional ammo if a bone collector actually dies. Doom grasp can be used to assassinate enemy heroes and large creatures so you bone collectors can kill everything.

I think staying at tech 1 and adding a heroes hall is the way to go. Maybe rotating in Plague spitters, but mostly just going all spells. it’s very tough for opponents to beat through the wall of skeletons so keeping heroes at max level is reasonable. Ultimate spells ahoy.


Mate sounds like you need a dark pact


Sounds very cool! :smiley:

Yeah sure that would bee a fine thing to tech in.

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