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[MMM1] GAME 8: P1 Black (Bob199) vs P2 White (FrozenStorm)

That Gargoyle was indestructible, and didn’t die to doom. The Garg which was resurrected was the one which died to Meta because it had been activated that turn.


Oh right, I missed that. So, when you cast metamorphosis - do the units die before Garth’s max because of the order it is on the cards? or is it because Garth’s max is a triggered effect that goes into queue?

It’s because the maxband is a triggered effect.

Two things (among others) go on the queue when Meta is played:
A) Garth maxbands
B) Gargoyle dies

Garth maxbanding triggers another thing that goes on the queue:
C) Garth resurrects a unit from the graveyard

A and B happen at the same time, and C happens afterwards. As the active player, Bob can choose to resolve either A or B first, but in any case they both happen before C.


It’s both of those things. The units die before heroes get levels because you do things in the order stated on the card, but the fact that maxband effects also have to wait in the queue to be resolved means that they would resolve later even if the effects were printed the other way round.