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[MMM1] Game 5: P1 Blue (bansa) vs P2 Purple (FrozenStorm)

I think your T3 whiff was too catastrophic. You still had me sweat with that Tri. Tri is the biggest threat for sure :confounded:.

KotCs seem to be the right choice although it really is dependent on the T3 draw. Newsman blocking #2 is another risk.

Feel free to start Game 6 when you can. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I wish we’d had some more warm-ups to test things, I got some tough whiffs in this 5 and combined with my inexperience I feel like I didn’t quite do the matchup justice.

That said it definitely is a lot harder than I anticipated. Hounds are really strong, there’s a lot of card draw even outside the Peace Engine that make keeping up on cards actually difficult, and Oni is such a bully, especially as P1. Combine that with no clear countering hero from me, and the slow early game of Purple starter generally, it’s pretty tough sledding.

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Agreed. How about we call these warm ups and start the series over? :slight_smile:

Or we can also turn this into a warm up series, finish the remaining warm up 6-10 and start the real series after this one.

I’m game for anything that you feel more comfortable.

I won’t be able to handle this and the tournament so I’m not sure I want to commit to that right now, maybe let’s finish this one now and we can return to it after tourney

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By all means, we can hold this off until after the tourney if you want. Anything that works for you. We can also cancel it if you need to free up your time.