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List of units without abilities to synergize with Master Midori

So I was browsing cards and wondered why would you tech Iron Man over another 3/4 costing 3 gold (like Centaur or Argonaut). Master Midori of course.

So here is the list of every units without abilities:

Tenderfoot (Neutral)
Older Brother (Neutral)
Iron Man (Bashing)
Regular-sized Rhinoceros (Bashing)
Tiger Cub (Green)
Oversized Rhinoceros (Growth)
Overeager Cadet (Peace)
Spectral Hound (Truth)
Spectral Tiger (Truth)
Ardra’s Boulder (Strength)
Neo Plexus (Purple)

Here are effects that create units without abilities:

Pirate-Gang Commander (Blood) (If he leaves)
Playful Panda (Green)
Murkwood Allies (Feral)
Moss Ancient (Feral) (If it leaves)
Argagarg Garg (Growth)
Polymorph: Squirrel (Growth) (Doesn’t create, but transform into one)
Giant Panda (Growth)
Manufactured Truth (Blue) (Doesn’t create, but can transform into one)
Sirrus Quince (Truth)
Summon Skeletons (Black)
Terras Q, the Shackled (Demonology) (Opponent has to play it)
Garth Torken (Necromancy)
Lich’s Bargain (Necromancy)
Bone Collector (Necromancy)
Necromancer (Necromancy)
Fox’s Den Students (Ninjutsu) (The turn after)
Jade Fox, Den’s Headmistress (Ninjutsu) (If she leaves)


Technically manufactured truth doesn’t create any new units, but you can use it to copy a unit with no abilities.

Also technically several cards create units that have no abilities while simultaneously granting them abilities. However, the granted abilities are not permanent.
Fox’s den students
Jade fox
Moss ancient

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You are right, I didnt add Jade Fox and Moss Ancient because it was giving an effect, but I didn’t think that if they die, the token stay and become abilities-less. Edited my post to add them with a notice.

Well, the REAL reason is because you have Bashing as one of your three specs and not Feral or Present. It’s okay for cards to be a little worse than other cards, because you aren’t picking individual cards to add to your deck like you would in a TCG.


I think you forgot Argagarg’s arrive ability.

Edit: I wonder if non-angry dancer tokens are intended to have no abilities. Harmony itself would suggest so - but the tokens do not.


The water elemental has anti-air.

I also wondered about the dancers, but since the tokens have text, i considered them having an ability.

Arrives ability is a wisp.


Pirate-Gang Commander produces ability-less 2/2 tokens.

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And gives them an ability. He gives all your units an ability. No Midori midband for you while he’s on the field!
(After he leaves is totally rad though)


Dancers have an ability.


added the units I missed.