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LDT2 Round 3: Hobusu (Anarchy/Strength/Growth) vs holytispon (Necromancy/Present/Fire)

Good game!

Yeah, if you’d broken Tech I instead I couldn’t have played anything in that hand… Though I could have still used Zane’s midband to dig for something else, the only guaranteed bodies that turn would have been him and Arg (and his token friends, of course). The first time didn’t make a difference, since I didn’t have anything above Tech 0 that turn, but that would have been the better play.

This is the first game I got to play Giant Panda with MoLaC out, and even if I didn’t get to actually use either of them except to block with the Wisps, they’re brutal under these conditions! Never thought I’d be able to drop 50/61 (!!!) worth of bodies in a single turn and still float a gold in a real game!

Why yes, this is going into the “When the Codex hits just right” thread, how could you tell? :wink:


I do wonder what I could do to prevent MoLaC from triggering. I did goof up early on in many ways and my worse mistake was not even considering MoLaC a possibility (and then breaking your tech 2 instead of your tech 1 when I could have inferred from all I saw that you were mostly going for tech 1 units). But I was still able to clear your board and so i thought I could at least delay you, but you had enough haste to push through for the trigger.

Yeah, MoLaC seems balanced well enough in mono-color, but in a multicolor codex with enough haste it’s pretty absurd. It’s part of why I wish there were an add-on that could help those without upgrade removal deal with upgrades, similar to how a tower can make it harder (but not impossible) to use stealth even without a proper detector.

For what it’s worth, if you’d gone straight for my base instead of my tech buildings you could have made it most of the way (14 out of 20 damage), and if you’d been in a position to break my Tech II the turn I built it I probably wouldn’t have been able to recover.


This is key to my mistake, I think. I did consider going straight for your base. I miscalculated how easily you can get MoLaC to trigger with just Red starter (tech 0 hasted + charge) and Zane.

These are indeed the best and only way for decks without upgrade removal to deal with MoLaC: don’t let it get the table (by breaking tech 2), or racing down the opponents base while they try to charge it.

Zane does make it very hard indeed to prevent it from charging once it does hit the table though