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Infinity Combo? River + Smoker

River Max Band effect + 2 Blooming Acient/Drill Sergeant + White Starter Smoker

Smoker cost 0, evertime you play it both Sergeant A & B will take a +1/+1 token

then use Sergeant A`s ability to target Smoker → smoker back in hand

Sergeant B would get infinity +1/+1, and you could move the tokens to any unit you like

is this a bug? because it`s easy to complete


This is known and has not been declared a bug as far as I’m aware.


Yep. It’s an important strategy for a deck called Smoke on the Water (Strength/Peace/Finesse).

It’s a game-ending combo when you get it set up, but it’s not broken. Getting 2 tech II units and a maxband hero in play at the same time is not trivial. Your opponent has plenty of ways they can disrupt it before you pull it off.

Maxband Quince + Omegacrons in a Truth/Future deck is another combo that follows the same pattern, and is similarly strong but not game ending.


how is Quince + Omegacrons work?

Pretty well if you can pull it off! But since they come into play from the future, they don’t activate from Quince Maxband. But if you have enough money, you can keep making and creating mirrors to sacrafice to get them out early.

EDIT: Barrelfish is correcting me below this post, I am wrong!

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That’s actually not right. Forecasted units still “arrive” when they remove their last time rune, so they trigger Quince’s maxband.

@Night_talk the basic idea is to use Quince’s ability to make copies of your Omegacrons to land an overwhelming finishing blow. Here’s an example of the combo going off in an actual game. Jadiel ends up playing 5 Omegacrons on one turn (2 “real”, 3 illusions), which is easily enough damage to clear the patrol zone and take the opposing base from 20 HP to 0 in one shot.

Note however that the combo requires quite a bit of setup (Jadiel didn’t pull it off until turn 7), so it can definitely be disrupted.


Oooops! Sorry about the misinformation! :smiley:

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the confusion comes from things like Drakk maxband and Jail, probably, as they do have a “from hand” requirement.


I’d forgotten about that game. Thanks for bringing up those memories… :wink: