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Idea for card database: sort by tech level

If I use the card database for something like
I will get a page showing the starter deck, and then each spec, one at a time.

Far more useful would be to see the starter deck, then all the tech 1 choices, then … I’m not sure how to best list the heroes and their spells, and then the tech 2/3’s.

In general, you can have to deal with 6 tech 1’s, possibly 3 heroes/9 normal spells, but only one of the tech 2 sets. So seeing stuff organized like that would be more useful. I’m not sure how to deal with the ultimate spells.

It’s much more viewable on PC, as the specs are listed side-by-side, so all the spells line up horizontally, all the Tech I’s line up horizontally, etc. I think it was designed for PC web first, so that’s why it’s a clunkier layout on mobile.

I think what you’re suggesting would probably be a good change for the mobile layout, but I’m not sure how much work it would be.


I am using a PC.

But even shrinking the card images down, I only get 6 across on my monitor.

What size monitor, and what DPI are you using that you get … would that be 13 cards across?

I think the confusion is that you’re looking at the image version and @ARMed_PIrate is using the links version. Compare to

@Hobusu’s right; I was looking at the link version, which I think works pretty well.

That said, you’re right. The All Images version would be much easier to go through if it was sorted as you say. (:

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