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How does Blue work?

I’ve tried a few games as blue (vs. black and vs. red), and I don’t really get what I’m supposed to be doing. It feels like blue can do a lot of interesting things, but I just can’t keep up on board state. The two colors I’ve played against are so aggressive that nothing lives past the turn I put it out, and I just fall behind little by little until the loss is inevitable.

What is blue’s gameplan? How do you play blue against aggressive/tempo style? Blue doesn’t feel like it has many good early threats or many good early answers to threats, so what are you even supposed to do?

Build a tower.

Also Brave Knights can be good vs red if they’re not teching a lot of direct damage.
Then uh… choose a tech 2! Any tech 2 plan is serviceable against red if you execute it right.


I’m having trouble even getting to tech 2. Should tower really be a go-to turn-2 play? I’m on turn 3 in my current game (vs. black) and things are already looking dire, because I just do not have any cards that can handle a Bone Collector or Garth Torken in the starter deck.

I’m not looking for a way to weasel out of a loss in my current game, though. I like the idea of Blue a lot, so I’m really looking for more information on Blue in general, especially early game. I can’t figure out Blue’s early game at all.

Blue is hard, especially against Black. I have played 15 or so pbp games as black and blue in that matchup, and no one I have played with has had much success with Blue, particularly Blue Player 2.

Blue is a control faction. (from here onwards is just imho, so take it with a grain of salt) basically u have to rush towards tech II, while protecting ur tech buildings with cheap units like overeager cadet, spectral hound, or solid and recuring ones like the B knight. once u get tech 2 u have to chose: law gives u censorship council lock. peace the dreaded garrison+ drill sarge combo, or truth, which give u a super cheap tech III and tech II units, that macciatus makes real. quince can spam mirrors, generating mirror cpies of units like the BK, or silence (free speech)the opponent, buying u time. Bigby can disable tech buildings + units(injunction).

Yes build a tower on turn 1 or 2 if you are going 2nd. You cannot keep up board state. If going 2nd, consider going quince first and use mid band to make your token a bone collector and swing to get the skeleton token if your opponent likes teching BCs. Also can use mfg truth. Leontes and I tested this MU a fair bit and I never go BCs anymore just because of getting your BCs copied is just too brutal. Definitely tech cadets since they are cheap since the tower is a big investment.


I’ve got a blue vs black game going right now and I think I’m doing alright as blue. It could go downhill any second though.

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Well I’m a doctor.


I agree with the comment someone (sharpo?) made at FSX: Tower is the secret 11th card in the Blue starter.

Onimaru is a monster in combat when everyone is still on Tech 0 stuff, try to put him out early and get some good attacks in.

Hounds are a fantastic value at Tech I and can help you survive or even push the aggression back in the other direction.

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hounds are kinda terrible vs black, too much targeting.

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'twas Leontes I think.

Definitely was @Leontes. Also he said that the blue starter is hype but he might have been sleep deprived at the time :stuck_out_tongue: