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[Guide] Notable Cards (image heavy)

Nice work, thanks ! :smiley: I’m hurry to see the Disease and Bashing updates ! :slight_smile:

I’ve almost always seen Hive teched simultaneously with Vortoss Emblem (flagbearing a non-patrolling Stinger to protect the Hive from :target: abilities), it might be interesting to write it in the Hive’s description :slight_smile:
Don’t know if it’s worth writing it thought :slight_smile:

“Bone Collector follows the usual curve of 3/3 t1 units with an ability for 1 gold, but what an ability it is!”

I think you mean 2 gold here :wink:

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Also, the thing is preliminarily finished now, yay!
Feel free to discuss further and point out how wrong I am! :wink:

I’ll adjust final image sizes later once Discourse has uploaded local copies.

Bamstamper Lizzo link goes to the Hired Stomper page instead :wink:

Not sure if they need images, but it’s probably worth noting that at Tech 2 Bashing has access to flying (Eggship) and Stealth+Haste (Sneaky Pig).

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Finesse is all about offense which small units

I think there’s a typo here!

I dunno, I have a hard time considering Knight of the Conclave as notable. It’s easy on the gold, that’s for sure. But Forecast 3 with no haste means that your opponent is likely either going down on cards to get him out, or giving you like 4 turns warning that he’s going to be a threat. By then you’ll be at Tech 2 and scoff at a 4/4 with Resist 1. I mean, he’s not even as good as a Plasmodium (I’ll take Haste over Resist 1 any day)!

As you point out, Tinkerer can get you some value out of him, but that’s because Tinkerer is the notable card in that combo.

Future doesn’t really have a notable Tech 1, imo, which is one of the things that makes the spec less viable in mixed color Codexes.

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Against black gilded glaxx is very very notable. Getting units out that black can’t just remove is key. Alternately the sacrificial nullcraft to soak sacrifice the weak, but that gets old.


Knight of the Conclave is amazing when paired with Temporal Research from the purple starter. Two fresh Knights plus a a Fading Argonaut or not yet arrived Plasmodium from the previous turn can easily net the amount of time runes necessary to draw 3 cards from Temporal Research. If those draws contain seers you can make the Knights show up faster. You can also use Vir’s midband to play Knight off the top of your deck.
Knight of the Conclave isn’t the star of the show but he’s reliable supporting cast.

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Knight of the Conclave is a “F” tier card that is occasionally used to put an extra rune on Drill Sergeant for free, or as part of a Tier II plan.

It should be replaced with Omegacron, which can sacrifice workers (even the starting workers) to deal 9 hasty damage for only 2 gold. If you leave a weak patrol zone against Future Tech II, you could take 18 damage out of nowhere, which is very “notable.”


KotC was a common suggestion on Discord so it seems to be polarizing. Omegacron is a great card though and I don’t know how I could have missed it. Will likely trade it in for KotC because even if it happens to be good, it’s easier to react to.

My assesment is that KotC is a newb crusher. In low level play, you have time to Tnker around or wait 3 turns for your 4/4, and have it still impact things. If your opponent uses the time you give away efficiently, though, the extra 4/4 wont negate the board position you lose by having the cards you teched for not impact the game until Turn 5.

I think it’s worth considering but even then, in its most appropriate match-up, it’s not a slam dunk. It resists some black hijinks but doesn’t disrupt them or really punish them at all. And a black player wil happily play Sac the Weak when a Glaxx is out, merrily watching it skip him and go on to take out something bigger.

I had a matchup where I did quite well against black with Battle Suits, Mox, Glaxx’s, heroes and spells and eventually hyperions and immortals. Its not really that bad for a hyperion to die, and it wasn’t about completely shutting down black hijinks as much as limiting their options.

Yeah, I’ve played much the same build, and I think it’s a good build vs. Black. I do think Glaxx is a good role-player, don’t get me wrong. He resists Sac the Weak, Doom Grasp, Rewind, Undo, Judgement Day, Fire Spells (at least the last hp), etc. Sturdy guy. He’s a card worth studying from the Future player’s perspective. But to @Zejety’s point above:

Can this card be reacted to or fought with conventional means? If so, then it’s not absolutely important for its opponent to know about the card beforehand.

I think that’s pretty much the Glaxx.

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Valid Point. I guess I was just saying that future had things to offer.

That’s why you have to pair Knight with Temporal Research and Seers. You are right that if Knight comes out on turn 7 it isn’t going to do much. However, if one come out on turn 4 or 5 with 2 Seers, with battlesuits, that’s 11 attack you just added to your board.

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Spending 2 gold and a card on p1t2 and 0 gold and a card on t3 to get a 4/4 hit the table on t4 with the Tinkerer still around for later use doesn’t sound like an insurmountable tempo loss to me

Thanks for the guide this was a great read.

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Hm, returning to this thread after a few years, I see the syntax broke in several places. Maybe changes to the forum software?
I can’t seem to edit the OP either. :confused:

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Discourse decided a few years back that the end tag for details must go on its own line, so a lot of old match threads have broken formatting too. Plus, there’s a time limit – about two months, I think – on how long you can edit posts for unless they’re set as wikis. Unfortunately, you can only set it as wiki before the two months are up.

Oh, and welcome back!