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[Guide] Notable Cards (image heavy)

I just feel the need to point this out, but their is some real card bigotry going on here… the only color left out was black (maybe it was just the last to be written up and things are being done piece-meal, but it has been 12 days since the original post).

Black cards matter!

But thanks OP for your time & effort & thoughts.

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It’s been twelve days since the original post, but there have been frequent edits to add more specs. I suspect we’ll see black cards in the next couple of days.

Also, this guide is so gooood


That is great! Thank you for writing this! I have to try these strategies!

Could I hear your thoughts on a couple of omissions? Rampaging Elephant (12 damage! Double buffs!), Might of Leaf and Claw are the scariest two cards in all of green to me. Are they easier to deal with than they look like, or did you leave them out because they’re obvious? :slight_smile:

It’s a long guide. Purple isn’t finished yet and brown cards are also missing entirely. :wink:

I artificially limited my self to 3 cards per spec (though I’ve cheated on multiple occasions) to not defeat the point of the guide. When multiple cards were in close competition, the deciding factors were often:

  1. Is the card prevalent in the current meta? Is this a card people pick this spec for?
  2. Can this card be reacted to or fought with conventional means? If so, then it’s not absolutely important for its opponent to know about the card beforehand.

The future stuff is not hidden under details, dude :stuck_out_tongue:

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Huh, I’ve always thought Jandra was a noteworthy card but @EricF gave her the worst rating in Card Ratings: the Starter Decks. I should probably drop her.^^

This widely varying valuation is probably a good sign for the long-term life of the game, to be honest


Once i fought a mythdeck that used black starter. Honestly a tech O 5/5 with overpower in turn 3 was devastating ;__;

Ooooh. I was thinking about trying a Demons/Ninjas/Strength deck and wasn’t sure which Starter to use. This is definitely something to consider. :smiley:

oh, is that what I have to look forward to?! :smiley:

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It might be worth adding a fourth card for Demonology, because Terras Q has MASSIVE synergy with Banefire Golem, who has the ability to do 1 damage to all opposing everythings, which will unshackle our boy and bring all things to an end

Good point. I won’t add an other entry but I’ll mention it in the Terras entry.

Nice work, thanks ! :smiley: I’m hurry to see the Disease and Bashing updates ! :slight_smile:

I’ve almost always seen Hive teched simultaneously with Vortoss Emblem (flagbearing a non-patrolling Stinger to protect the Hive from :target: abilities), it might be interesting to write it in the Hive’s description :slight_smile:
Don’t know if it’s worth writing it thought :slight_smile:

“Bone Collector follows the usual curve of 3/3 t1 units with an ability for 1 gold, but what an ability it is!”

I think you mean 2 gold here :wink:

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Also, the thing is preliminarily finished now, yay!
Feel free to discuss further and point out how wrong I am! :wink:

I’ll adjust final image sizes later once Discourse has uploaded local copies.

Bamstamper Lizzo link goes to the Hired Stomper page instead :wink:

Not sure if they need images, but it’s probably worth noting that at Tech 2 Bashing has access to flying (Eggship) and Stealth+Haste (Sneaky Pig).

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Finesse is all about offense which small units

I think there’s a typo here!

I dunno, I have a hard time considering Knight of the Conclave as notable. It’s easy on the gold, that’s for sure. But Forecast 3 with no haste means that your opponent is likely either going down on cards to get him out, or giving you like 4 turns warning that he’s going to be a threat. By then you’ll be at Tech 2 and scoff at a 4/4 with Resist 1. I mean, he’s not even as good as a Plasmodium (I’ll take Haste over Resist 1 any day)!

As you point out, Tinkerer can get you some value out of him, but that’s because Tinkerer is the notable card in that combo.

Future doesn’t really have a notable Tech 1, imo, which is one of the things that makes the spec less viable in mixed color Codexes.

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Against black gilded glaxx is very very notable. Getting units out that black can’t just remove is key. Alternately the sacrificial nullcraft to soak sacrifice the weak, but that gets old.


Knight of the Conclave is amazing when paired with Temporal Research from the purple starter. Two fresh Knights plus a a Fading Argonaut or not yet arrived Plasmodium from the previous turn can easily net the amount of time runes necessary to draw 3 cards from Temporal Research. If those draws contain seers you can make the Knights show up faster. You can also use Vir’s midband to play Knight off the top of your deck.
Knight of the Conclave isn’t the star of the show but he’s reliable supporting cast.

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