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[Guide] Clinically InZane v2016

:zane: is a risky rushdown character whose just as capable of blowing himself up as he is blowing up his opponents. Once these risks are managed though, :zane: becomes a real threat to opponents with his high damage output and easy to maintain pressure.

So, what risks does he have?

  • **No Odd Blocks -** This unique trait of :zane:'s means that once he gets KD'd, the only way he can defend himself from an odd cross up is with an attack/gold burst. Any decent opponent will know this and take advantage of the situation. The main ways to defend against this are of course not to get KD'd in the first place and to keep a fast poke (2/3) around if you do get KD'd. I don't mention Crash Bomb here as 2/3 will beat almost any cross up odd that may come and if they decide to dodge/block, you aren't losing a K/falling back down with 5 less health.
  • **Overall Low Block Count -** :zane: does have blocks on 2, 4, 6, 8. 2 is a very good opener / poke on KD and 8 is a very good throw/linker if need be. This leaves only 4 & 6 as his main block options.
  • **Shenanigans Gone Wrong -** There are times where even :zane:'s innate will just fizzle out and leave him with no good options. Any combinations of 4/K/A/Joker are dead cards without using a dodge or another A. Hitting a 2/3/5 results in a weak combo and reduces late game options.

Those sound really bad, what’s the upside?

  • **High Damage from Few Cards -** With only 4 cp, here's an idea of what :zane: can do:

2 -> Throw -> 9 = 17 dmg (use a J instead of 9 to + KD)
Throw -> 9 -> J = 24 dmg + KD
Throw -> AA = 25 dmg
6 -> 7 -> Q -> J = 29 dmg + KD
9 -> Q -> 9 -> J = 34 dmg + KD

  • **Shenanigans gone right -** On the other hand, flipping a J/Q/9/7 can turn that 2/3 poke or throw into double digit damage.
  • **Good/Free Dodges -** Crash Bomb is a really good card when it lands but is risky to play out in the open, dodge -> Crash Bomb gets rid of all of those risks and nets a KD. Dodge also triggers Shenanigans, meaning if :zane: uses a card that he flips up, he'll break even next turn on hand size (barring AA). Speaking of Aces, dodge -> MAXIMUM AAAANARCHY can outright win games.
  • **Meaty Attacks -** Landing a KD with :zane: gives him 1.0 speed normals the next turn. Combined with cross ups (odd blocks can't block even attacks on KD and vice versa), this makes him a very scary threat on KD.

Important Card Notes:

  • 5 - This throw beats any non grappler/non Burst of Speed throw. It is a very important card for :zane: to open up opponents with.
  • 7 - Is a very good throw but usually an even better normal to link into.
  • Q - This is :zane:'s only way of linking into big damage comboes as it only requires one cp instead of the 2 cp his throws use.
  • K - Despite its risks, it's also :zane:'s fastest attack as it can't be interupted. This makes it useful in the few MU's where Zane is the slower character like vs. :gwen::setsuki::vendetta: and also against characters that can recur fast specials like vs. :lum::jaina:. It also acts as a DP against odd cross up attempts.
  • Joker - Because of Shenanigans, :zane: has to play knowing that he may not see any jokers at all. If he does draw them, they are best used as another way to protect against odd cross ups. They are also one of the few ways he can retrieve A's outside of powering up/drawing A's.


  • Main Objectives - Apply pressure early game, maintain pressure and win by midgame.

  • **Early Game -** A combo costs :zane: between 3-4 cards and as long as he hits a normal -> Throw -> normal/J/Q while using a card off of Shenanigans, he will maintain his handsize. Dodge + Shenanigans also maintains handsize. This gives him the ability to go on offense much earlier than other characters if he starts out with the needed cards: (2/3,5/8,J/K). If not, blocking/dodge into Shenanigans until he can draw into said cards.
  • **Mid Game -**  If the cards are going his way, :zane: can just run opponents over by maintaining threatening with KD into meaty attacks or using dodges/crashbomb to punish anything that might be faster. If not, he plays much like :setsuki: when she can't dump her hand, stuck and hoping to draw into good cards and/or has Shenanigans eating away his good options.
  • **Late Game -**  Because :zane: lacks any pumping and Shenanigans eating away cards, he doesn't benefit from making the game go longer like other characters. His gameplan here is pretty much the same as earlier, except he now has to go against characters with time to draw/power up for much better options.

With this in mind, here are some general/character specific tips:

  • :zane:'s x.3 speed normals are faster than everybody except for :gwen::setsuki::vendetta: and his x.3 speed throws are faster than everybody except :onimaru::setsuki::valerie::midori::rook::troq:.

  • :zane: lacks the ability to make straights with his normals, this means the only way he can get A's is by powering up/drawing them/Gold Bursting or Shenanigans.
  • :zane:'s only sources of KD are J/K. Keep this in mind against :argagarg::gloria::rook:
  • If possible, try to power up for an A early so that flipping an A later with Shenanigans won't go to waste.
  • :zane:'s 4 ability, Creator and Destroyer is best used against characters like :geiger::gloria::grave::persephone::menelker::lum: whom all try to build comboes/keep multiple A's.  Otherwise, :zane: needs 4 to be a block/dodge.
  • VS. :rook: & :troq:, landing a KD is actually a disadvantage as their K's can't be beaten by normals that are 5.0 speed or faster.
  • VS. :gloria: & :midori:, a mid combo/combo ending throw is just as good as opening combat with one to get rid of Healing Sphere/Dragon Form
  • VS. :onimaru:'s 8/10 are unblockable due to his innate and :zane:'s highest block being 8.
  • If :quince: hits with a Patriot Mirror, next turn he can play an odd attack & dodge/block/joker for a guarenteed combat win.

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