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[Guide] Beginner's Guide to Workers

Safe attacking can be used for lots of things. A couple notable ones:

  • Making rambasa twins trade super favourably
  • allowing smoker to snipe 1/1s repeatedly
  • protecting birds from a tower
  • in conjunction with sensei’s advice or aged sensei for very strong attacks

And there are way more. It’s a very strong card at one gold.
I remember it used to cost two, and people didn’t think it was good enough??
(I don’t think it’s overpowered, but I think it’s quite strong)


Another point while I’m here: @FrozenStorm also suggested that Green needs a third early worker, and proposed that Spore Shambler would be a good choice. Do people agree with that?

I worker Ironbark Treant and Forest’s Favor more often than the shambler.

Tower immune birds is safe attackings best usage. It is also useful as a deck thinner for 1g. As p1, it is good at setting up favorable trades, but as p2 I usually only use it to thin the deck or with birds

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I was wondering about this… Why is Tower usually a counter to Birds? Doesn’t the Nest bring them back next turn anyway? I guess if Rook dies then that’s an issue, but Rook is also one of the hardest to kill Heroes, right? I guess I don’t see how likely it is to come up, but it’s not like I’ve played as White yet.

If the nest brings them back, they have arrival fatigue.


Tower gives you a turn of reprieve from birds by killing them, letting them attack every other turn.

With Safe Attacking, the birds are coming at you every single turn, applying 2+ damage (+when you have Aged Sensei or Sparring Partner on the board, or Sensei’s Advice in hand) anywhere on the board.

In practice, Rook isn’t always that hard to kill. He’s harded to kill, for sure, but most colors can skate his maxband two lives decently (Origin Story, Snapback, Free Speech, Nether Drain are all very effective, Crashbarrow and Tiny Basilisk less so but still decent). I rarely have seen Bird’s Nest revive the birds, either because they never die, or an opponent lines up killing them with killing Rook.

BTW if you want to play by forum with or against it, happy to anytime


I knew I was missing something obvious… I probably would have realized midway through my first game as White.

Maybe after our current game. I’ll be getting enough Red and Green practice during RACE (oops I spoiled my decks now people can counterpick against a new player), so I’m not as concerned about devoting myself to them until the White expansion comes out.

Swapping Safe Attacking to “best early” and Sensei’s Advice to “balanced”, and adding Ironbark Treant to Green’s common worker list. If anyone objects please hash it out here.


One thing I do quite often is worker the first copy of a Tech II / Spell that was drawn at the wrong time, while teching in the second copy on the same turn, or having the second copy coming up next hand.

For example, I might tech in 2x Metamorphosis right before I reshuffle, even without a Max-band Vandy in play, or 2x Garrison without a Tech II built. If I draw one of them on the next turn, I can worker it, knowing that I wouldn’t want to draw it in 2-3 turns after the next reshuffle.