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[Guide] Beginner's Guide to Teching

Not sure why demonology isn’t ultimate…

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Metamorphosis works better with Disease Tech 2, so It’s included there.

I think Feral and Ninjitsu have no business trying to get to tech 3. Feral can stick to tech 2, and Ninjitsu should probably be a FDS thing?


Doesn’t feral just try to get to tech 3 so Calamandra can cheat is a T-rex and a Guargum with Feral Strike?

Not at all an expert, but here’s my shot at Discipline:

T1) Rambasa + Bird’s Nest
T2) Sparring Partner + Entangling Vines
T3) Young Lightning Dragon + Training Grounds
T4) Young Lightning Dragon + Focus Master
T5) Earthquake + Earthquake

Strategy: Get Rook and Grave out with an early Heroes Hall. Use Rook in Squad Lead to protect your stuff and send in birds to peck at tech buildings. At Tech II, get YLD’s out and boost them to take out tech buildings. Earthquake should help you close out the game.

Any general guidance on when it’s good to be teching Tech2 cards in T2 rather than T3? You’re committing to a spec early, with little information about what the opponent is planning. But having a very high likelihood of playing a Tech2 card on turn 5 (after building Tech2 turn 4) can be worth a lot. For example, teching 2xMoLaC in or 1xMoLac + 1xAncient at T2 can be very strong in a Growth plan. In some specs with decent low-cost Tech2 units, you also have a decent chance of getting to put down 2 Tech 2 units on turn 5.

If you, at the end of Turn 3, are going to reshuffle and draw 1 (eg, you are ending your turn with 2 cards in hand, and 3 in deck) then grabbing Tech II things as your T2 tech is pretty good, as long as you expect to be able to build and defend your Tech II building on turn 4.

Is there an easy way to calculate this? I struggle a bit with maths sadly.

What do you mean by “this”?

Say I play mono blue, if I tech two Scribes with the plan to play them when I can, place a unit in technician when I can and always discard so that I always draw 5 cards: what turn is it likely for me to draw a tech 2 unit?

Of course you can’t control whether or not someone kills your technician or not, but that should only be a changeable variable in that equation of how many cards I have in discard and what cycle I am in?

Or is this type of calculation just too far out there?

The calculation you need is simply how many cards are left in your deck and how many cards will you draw this turn. If I have 3 cards left in my deck, then I directly affect my chances of drawing a newly teched card, if i duscard 3 and draw 5, 2 cards will come after the reshuffle., if i discard 1 and draw 3, the discard will not be reshuffled.

You don’t need to do anything that extreme.

Start of turn N: Tech in 2 cards, have X cards in deck (where X is 3 or 4)
End of turn N: Discard X-1 cards, draw X cards, reshuffle and draw 1 card.
Turn N+1 you almost certainly won’t have the cards you teched in at the beginning of turn N
Turn N+2 you almost certainly WILL have at least one of the cards you teched in at the beginning of turn N

If X is 2, and you discard 1, draw 2, rs, draw 1 you are about 50/50 to see your teched cards on Turn N+2, but probably will see them by turn N+3
If X is 2, and you discard more than 1, you have a higher chance to see them in turn N+1, but will still almost certainly see them for turn N+2.

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Playing a bit of Puzzle Strike, or another deckbuilder, is a good (and fun) way to get familiar with deck cycling mechanics.

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If you want the actual math it isn’t super complicated either. If the number of cards is low it’s easy to calculate using the inverse product of the probability of not drawing the card for each draw if you just want one particular card. For example if i want to draw a nullcraft and i get 2 draws from a 5 card deck it’s 1- (4/5*3/4) = 40% chance to get it. One more example say you have 2 might of leave and claw cards in a 12 card deck. The probability of getting at least one is 1-(11/12 * 10/11) = 17%. For larger deck sizes you can calculate using a hypergeometric distribution. The hypergeometric distribution formula is more flexible and can be used to calculate things like the odds of being able to cast True Power of Storms if you have 4 cards of cost 3 (excluding tpots) and 1 copy of tpots in a 13 card deck if you draw 4 cards.
EDIT: I left out that that is for each turn’s draws. To extend that to the next turn you sum the probabilities from several runs of the hypergeometric distribution formula to account for how many units died (affecting the size of the discard) and variable amounts of draw. You will get a percentage chance for each turn that you xan turn into a range.

  1. That’s a pretty hilarious misspelling of Might of Leaf and Claw! It sounds more like a threat: “If you don’t leave, I’ll show you the might of my claw!”
  2. If there’s 2 copies, shouldn’t it be 1 - (10/12 * 9/11) = 31%?

Yep. You’re right. That’s what I get for posting on mobile!


I would make the following edits:

Future plan:
Replace Gilded Glaxx with Promise of Payment
Replace the T5 Promise of Payment with a second Xenostalker

Add suggested workers: Battle Suits, Hardened Mox, Tinkerer, Plasmodium

Present plan:

Add suggested workers: Plasmodium, Tinkerer, Forgotten Fighter, Neo Plexus

Ninjitsu plan:

Replace the T4 and T5 techs with this:
T4: Porcupine, Fox’s Den Students
T5: Flying Fox, Fox’s Den Students

Add suggested workers: Fox Primus, Morningstar Flagbearer, Fox Viper, Smoker

Add strategy: Build board presence with efficient units / Rook, then transition to a max level Setsuki to get back the cards lost and finish things with swarms of stealthy ninjas.

Law plan:

Add suggested workers: Bluecoat Musketeer, Traffic Director, Porkhand Magistrate, Building Inspector

Disease plan:

Replace the T4 Cursed Crow with a Gorgon, and note in the Strategy that you can alter your techs on the turn you max Garth to grab the second Crow

Growth plan:

Add suggested workers: Rich Earth, Verdant Tree, Ironbark Treant, Forest’s Favor

Fire plan:

Add suggested workers: Scorch, Careless Musketeer, Bloodburn, Mad Man

Blood Plan:

Add suggested workers: Bloodburn, Careless Musketeer, Scorch, Bombaster

Anarchy Plan:

Add strategy: Keep the board clear and build Tech 3 ASAP. Even if it gets destroyed once or twice, you can keep re-building for free until you can stick a Gunship and win.


Thanks @EricF! I’ve made those updates above.

If any kind soul can make a Discipline tech plan, I would be much obliged.

T1: Sparring Partner, Birds’ Nest
T2: Entangling Vines, Rambasa Twin
T3: Mind Parry Monk, Young Lightning Dragon
T4: Any of the monks, Training Grounds
T5: A relevant ultimate: Earthquake or Fox Den Students

This is a much better P1 than P2 plan, but it’s a fine generic plan.

This was my shot: [Guide] Beginner's Guide to Teching

Oh whoops I missed your suggestion from before. Since @mysticjuicer posted a plan also, how would you sort out the differences between them?